7 days product review day 6-review of by beer, juice and toilet tissue by @val123

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Hello my fellow steemalive, We are back again to participate in this our Wonderful contest and which I keep appreciate the effort of @steemalive and @focusnow and today am here to review about a beer, juice and toilet tissue. Mine today topic start with beer.


It mine best drink for now and it also good for stomach and it has a unique bitter taste ingredients and also has a quality standard.

Ingredients: water, malted barley, sorghum caramel, natural flavouring and hop extract.

Manufacturer name and address: produce by Brewed and bottled by Nigerian brewery plc, Rc: 613, Iganmu house Lagos Nigeria.

Nafdac reg no: 01-0438


Trophy lager is a brewery product in the land of honour, using only the finest ingredients by world class experts.

Manufacturer name and address:
It a product of international brewery plc and that is located at 22/36 glover road ikoyi Lagos Nigeria.

Ingredients: malted barley, hop, mazie, grite, and water.

Nafdac reg no: B1-4674


Frutta orange juice:

This is mine number one brand juice and why i choose it, it because it contains a vitamin C and has a orange flavor and also it is good for health.

Ingredients: water, sugar, orange concentrate 50%, natural orange flavour, citric acid,xanthan gum, beta carotene 10%, vitamin C.

Uses: you have to shave it very well before using it.

Manufacturer name and address:
Frutta juice & service Nigeria limited.
No1 Adeyanju Daniel st, opposite apapa express way, Lagos Nigeria.

Nafdac reg no: 01-7147


My second choice is chivita juice.
This is another quality product that has all it takes and it has a different types of flavour of fruit; it has a apple flavored, Real pineapple, orange etc.

Manufacturer name and address:
It is manufactured by chi limited

Ingredients: 1oz rum, Chivita 100% apple juice, ice cubes and A slice of apple.


Extra soft Finetex :
It a very nice and soft toilet tissue and it is not like wise other that I have been buying before this one is a good.

Manufacturer name and address:
Made by impex limited, plot 10 acme road ogba industrial. Estate, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria


It mine another second brand of toilet tissue 2ply it a nice and soft tissue paper.
And it mine second choice.

Manufacturer name and address:

Made by Bel papyrus limited paper mill; plot 10 Block D Acme road Ogba Industrial Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Effects: using of toilet tissue reducing the blockage of water system (WC)

By the explanation of the beer and juice with the toilet tissue, it is not easy but I thank God that I finally finished mine day 6 project and next it day 7; but to be honest this contest have help me at least to get use to research on product do you know that most of this product I don't even know there content but with this contest I have learn; so thanks @steemalive and @focusnow for this opportunity of learning.
And I really appreciate the effort of:


 4 months ago 

@val123 you even reviewed Chivita active, my best juice so far.
The coconut flavours with fresh tropical taste served chill is my brand.
Nice entry dear.

@ladyofpolicy I also like Chivita. But if am to choose between Chivita and chi exotic, I will choose exotic.

Wow! @val123 how come I haven't noticed that Legend is your favorite?

I like legend too but I can't take more than two bottles of it.

Thank you for this amazing entry.

Are u serious that you even drink up to two bottles and mine is one bottle am okay but that was before not now

@val123 my favorite is Heineken.
I can take that up to 4 bottles.

I love it when chilled 😁

 4 months ago 

Woooow. Day six it is .you made it this far. Kudos to you my dear. The contest wasn't easy.it took perseverance to have made it this far.

Nice entry

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