Top 10 Brands - My first choice Products and services

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Hello Dear friends on Steem.
Am happy to join this contest once again to present to you my top 10 brands of items and services. All pictures used in this contest are mine, captured them with either of my two phones.


For the purposes of this contexts I will represent the cost of the items in steem where one steem will worth #350.


  • TV program/ Channel:- the Tv channel is Telemundo, the program is Law of the hearts the Decoder is GoTv
    The decoder I currently sold for about 22.8 steem.
    While it costs 10.2 steem to subscribe it monthly.
    I have been following this program for about three months since it started. It is a drama of a team of lawyers who work in a very big law firm.
    They had mutual feelings for each other but failed to express it until someone else came along in each other's life, and most time, it is always too late.
    I prefer Telemundo because: all their programs are very interesting.
    I prefer it because they sensor their programs too, that they air the ones children can watch in the morning hours and the rest at night, when it's assumed children have gone to bed. Secondly, I it's affordable unlike DsTv.

Telemundo Channel

Favourite TV Program

IMG_20210602_212708.jpgTv Decoder


  • Transport Company:- My favorite and most prepared Transport company is God is good Mottors. I started using about 10 years ago when my friend was employed there, I discovered their buses are always in perfect condition, with well trained drivers.
    I feel confident each time i travel with them.
    They aren't on every route though, they are involved in long distant shuttles.

Preferred Transport Company


  • Book/Magazine:- this book is my favourite of all my books.
    It talks about Nigeria history, the canals and the power that be.
    I bought it last year at main park Aba, from a mobile book vendor. It costs 2.2 steem.



  • Phone Brand:- *This is my favourite phone. I love it so much i don't own it now, but I plan buying one before the end of the year I started to like infinix especially this S5 after I bought it for my sister.
    It costs 185.7 steem.
    I want to buy it because;
  • It has speed
  • Powerful camera quality.
  • The battery lasts too.*



  • Bottle Water:- ever water is my favourite bottle water. Over the years, they have maintained a high standard.
    It became my preferred bottle water since about 10 years ago. It was because it was the favourite of my uncle that stays in the states, I began to like it too after i spent a vacation with him on one of his visits.
    Whenever I have need to buy a bottle water, my choice will always be Eva water.
    It Costs 1.5 steem the last time i bought it.
    I prefer it because, I fell safe tacking it.
    Also, the price I reasonable.

Eva Water


  • Beer/Wine:- this is the only bear drink I take.
    I learnt it comes in from abroad. It is up to 5 years I made it my choice drink because of the vast level of imetation in bear production.
    The price Is 1.2 steem
    The reason am bent on consuming this brand it's because it is tests differently and smooth. It seams difficult to counterfeit.
    Above all, it's for a special class of Men.

My Preferred Beer


  • Petrol/Gas Station:- this is easy on petrol station, located along park road Aba. It is the best petrol station around.
    The reason I buy from them is that their meter I good and their fuel are also good too.
    They also sell at the government approved prises which is currently 0.5 steem.

Preferred Petrol Station


  • Bread:- My Choice Bread is Manda Special Loaf.
    This is my favourite bread.
    It's currently sold for 1.6 steem.
    I buy it from a bread vendor at Immaculate junction.
    It is jumbo size. And it does last for me for about 5days before I can buy another one.
    It's not always available in the market though.
    I prefer it because of it's teste and it's softness.
    It doesn't go bad quickly too.

Preferred Bread


  • Shopping Mall/Super Market:- this is a shopping mall located along my street.
    Their prices are fair enough like what we get at big supermarkets in town.
    I prefer them because of their proximity to me and for the fact that they sell quality items and at good prises too.

Preferred Shopping Mall


  • Milk:- Peak I my preferred milk.
    The last time I bought, it cost me 7.1 steem.
    I have been using it for about 5 years now after i stopped using Ladah milk.
    I buy it from London Square
    I prefer it because it gives me the real test of milk. Secondly, because it lasts for me and gives me time to reorder.

Preferred Milk



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