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Hello friends and fellow lovers of contests, welcome once more to my blog, this is my second entry to the @steemalive contest organized by @focusnow titled 5 days Writing Challenge. In today's eddition, I will review the life and carrer of Michael Jackson a musician, a song writer and a dancer, please stay with me.


MICHAEL JACKSON - MUSICIAN (29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009)

Background Of Michael Jackson

Birth:- Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958, to the family of Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson. This is an African American Christian family living in a humble home at Gary Indiana (two bedroom bungalow), near Chicago, USA. He was the eight child of 11 kids.of his parents.


Family:- Michael Jackson was born into the family of Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson. He was was the 8th of 10 kids have father had with the mother. But Joe Jackson had another child with another woman making it 11 kids.

His father was also a musician, he was the person that formed the Jackson 5 music group and absorbed his sons. At this time Michael joined the crew, the Jackson 5 was made up of Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael. They continued to sing together attending shows and concerts till 1975 when they Jason's left Motown records for Epic record and also changed their name to Legendary Jackson 5.

Education:- Amidst shows, to ours and recordings, Michael Jackson attended Public Grammar School, Garry Indiana till the age of 11. When the Jackson 5 became a hit, their parents withdrew them from school and got them a private tutor to teach them at home. The name of the teacher is Rose Fine, Michael loved her so much that he considered her a second mom.

She continued to tutor them till Michael gained his diploma from a colledge (Montclair preparatory school). Despite the difficulties going to a normal school like every other people, he loved books and literature so much that he owned a library with over 10,000 books and he is widely known as a voracious reader that finished a book per day. His favourite topics were history and biographies.

Career History

Michael did not only pull waves in music, he also did in fashion. His active career lasted from 1964 - 2009.
In the year 1964, Michael Jackson made his first Professionals appearance alongside his brothers in 1964 as a member of the Jackson 5 music group.

While still with the Motown records, Michael began his Solo career in 1971, by 1979 his album off the wall made him a solo star.


Although he was crowned king of POP , his style of music includes; Soul, Pop, Rock, Disco, Post-disco and new Jack swing.

Carrer Achievements

Michael Jackson is the greatest musician of all times. We are yet to see a musician that can beat the record he had set. While he lived, he won about 200 awards starting from the Talent show he win with his brothers with their band; Legendary Jackson 5. He has a record lifetime album sale that exceeds 1 billion and was named artist of the year, decade and century.
Other awards may include;

S/noAwardsNumber of awards
1American music award26 times
2Number one US singles13 times
3Presidential award3 times
4Guinness world record38 times

Why I Chose Michael Jackson

I chose Michael because despite the fact that he came from a very humble and poor background, he worked very hard and became the shining star out of his family despite the fact that he was the youngest of the eight.

Again, he did not only use his music to entertain the world, he also used it to preach against racial discrimination across the world. He also helped lots of People in need.

There are lots of things to learn from the story of Michael Jackson. We have seen how much he loved reading to the extent that he could finish a novel a day, that justifies the old and popular saying; "show me a reader, and I will show you a leader"


For everything that has a beginner, there is an end. Michael Jackson died on 25th June 2009 at the age of 50. He died of cardiac arrest at his rented mansion in Los Angeles.


I will to express my sincere gratitude to the organizer of this contest and to @steemalive my mother community. This have helped me to read and research more on my personal idols.

All images used in this contest were got from either pixabay or istockphoto

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Great men are known by what the do in life, doing what out live them, Michael is a great man he has kept record for generations to come. Beautiful write up.
Thanks for sharing.

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this is a good and serious research you made here. Of a truth, the whole world including myself cried when the news of his death broke out. I never knew people could be consoled about his absence. This world is large...oooooo. Take care this is a good write up.

Infact, I am jealous about this writeup because I love everything about Michael Jackson. I can't get enough of his music. From "Billie Jeans" to "Earth Song". Or is it "Black Or White" I can name 20 of his tracks. He really is a genius and as he is popularly known " King of Pop". Thanks for writing about him.

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