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Hello friends, its my pleasure to welcome you all once again to my blog. This is my entry into the @steemalive contest titled; 5 days Writing Challenge aimed at keeping us engaged within the comunity.

First of all, who is a genius?

an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.
"a mathematical genius"source

This post is my first entry and In this post, I will review the life and carrer of a football genius, one of the greatest footballers of all times; Christiano Ronaldo. Please stay with me.




Background Of Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is one of the greatest footballers of all times. He was born on 5th February 1985 at a small island in western Portugal. He grew up in a working class environment while he lived with parents and siblings in a small humble home that is very close to an ocean.


He was born to the family of Jose Dinis Aveiro (FATHER) and Maria Dolores Dos Santos (Mother). His father was at a time an eqiptment manager at a boy's club. He was an alcoholic who can scarcely provide for his family. This made the mother work even harder as a cook and a cleaner to provide for her four kids.

Regardless of the father's alcoholism, Cristiano was very close to his father till his death in 2007 from a kidney related issue caused by alcohol. He had always wanted his father to submit self to a rehabilitation center to help arrest his drinking habit, but no, he refused.


Carrer History

Christiano Ronaldo was introduced to soccer at a tender age by his father, who was an equipment manager at a boy's club.
In 1992 he joined the first club as a teenager. Below is a detailed report of his career history till date.

1997-2002Sporting Cp (junior)--
2002-2003Supporting Cp (senior)293
2003-2009Manchester United19684
2009-2018Real Madrid292311
2021-DateManchester United43

Achievements /Trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo is an idol in football, he have won more than 300 trophies as a senior player. Bellow are some of his achievement.

  • Two times European player of the season. (Italy - 2019, Spain - 2017)
  • 5 times Fifa balloon d'Or award winner. (2019, 2004, 2006, 2005, 2001).
  • He is currently the highest goal scorer and assist in the in the EUFA Champions League (136 goals and 42 assists)
  • He has scored a total of 791 senior career goals for both this country and club.
  • He is amongst the few players (dead and alive) who Have made up to 1,100 Professionals career appearances.
  • Won three English championships with Manchester United.
  • He won 5 Championship leagues with Manchester United.
  • 1 time European champion.
  • Five times player of the year. (2018/2019, at Juventus, 2013/2014; at Real Madrid, 2012/2013; at Real Madrid, 2007/2008; at Manchester United, 2006/2007; at Manchester United)
  • Won league cup twice with Manchester United.
  • Two times Spanish champion.
  • Two times Spanish championship cup winner.
  • Three times best player in Europe.
  • 19 times top scorer.
  • 10 times Portuguese footballer of the year.


Why I Chose Ronaldo

I chose Ronaldo because I he think he is the greatest footballer of all times, this he achieved by working very hard. I have read testaments from fellow football players who have attested to how hard he works to remain in fit.

Again, because of the sad incident of his father, he resolved never to take alcohol. This singular decition have helped him Carrer Wise.


It's always a pleasure to participate in these contests organized by @steemalive, they are really educating and insightful.

All images used in this contest are all curled up from pixabay.

Thank you for taking your time to visit and read through my blog, am grateful.

 2 months ago 

My favorite player in the world. In fact I became a Manchester United fan because of him and I still am. Your post has given me more insight about his life and his qualities have also impacted me.

Wow. This is so wonderful, GOAT of our time. Keep it up, your post has given me more insight about his life and carrear

Wel am not a football fan but this guy ia an house hold name. And i most agree with you, he is realy a genius.
Thank you for educting me more about him.

Thanks You @jovita30 for stopping by. Yes, Ronaldo is a household name, and have traveled far and he have continue make history. Do you know that again! he score three times for his country yesterday?

Wow really that's impresive

What a football genius you have chosen! Yes he has show that hard-working, persistence, dedication and self believe can make one brake any hurdle. He is really a great player. Although there is a big debate of who is greater him or the merciless Messi.

 2 months ago 

Indeed Chris is an achiever in foot ball, I love seeing him in the field while playing because he is good in it.

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