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Good morning everyone in steemalive community. It is my pleasure to write once again in this community.
Today I'll be talking about how I spend my Saturday.
Satudays are known to be a very busy day, yes it was for me. I have a lot of things to do couple with taking care of my kids so it wasn't a funny one.


Morning activities

My daughter woke me up in the morning around 6 a.m. to come and give her tea. When I was done giving her tea, I started with house chores.
I washed the dirty dishes that were used the previous night, sweep the whole house and surrounding.
I also weed around my house.

At this point I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


I prepared fried plantain and fried egg then we wash it down with tea.
After the breakfast, I was a bit tired and needed to rest for the food to settle. I did that for few minutes though my kids didn't allow me to enjoy my rest.
After few minutes of rest, I took my bath and bathe my kids, make them to sleep, fortunately for me both of them slept.


Afternoon activities

While my kids were sleeping, I used that time to go the the market to get few items I will used in cooking soup and when I got to the market, the market was empty. Because it wasn't a market day.
I bought goat meat, red oil and periwinkle and go back home since I had other things in the house.
And when I got to the house I didn't start cooking Immediately instead I brought our dirty clothes to wash. I always have clothes to wash.


While I was still washing my kids were awake, so I paused and feed them and also eat my own.
After that I continue with washing of clothes.
I finish washing the clothes around 4:30 pm.
Rested for few minutes and play with my kids.


Evening activities

In the evening, I started preparing soup that we will use for the week.
I prepared Vegetable soup. And we ate it with fufu. I did not the buy water leaf and pumpkin leaf I got them from my garden.


By the time I finish cooking, I sat down to enjoy my vegetable soup which I have not eaten for some time now.
But I will be cooking it often because I have the leaves now planted in my garden.
I fed my daughter and my baby didn't like eating it.
So I feed her with baby cereals.
After that I wanted to make a post but I couldn't because my back and arms were paining me, so I managed to comment and vote on people's post in some communities.

After that we our bath and slept off.

That was how I spent my yesterday.

Thank you for reading to the end and have a lovely Sunday.


Special regards


Written by me @udyliciouz


Weekend indeed! The mere mention of the vegetable soup is making me to salivate already, enjoy your days ahead.

You really had busy day but with good results

You did had a good day though busy. These children are all the rest for mummy unless they are tired or sleeping. I admire that vegetable specialty!

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