The Diary Game - Finally Back Home, washing cleaning and resting(20th April 2022)

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Hello steem lovers

Its so good to be back here. I have really missed all of you. I trust that you all are steeming well and good. Steemit has been so impactful to us all especially to me and i do not see myself without this amazing platform. I hope you feel the same way too.

I will be sharing with you today about my diary for 20th April 2022. I have not been available for a week now because i went for a national Easter conference hosted by my church here in the city of Lagos. I was so busy that i could not write here on steemit. But am back now because the conference ended on tuesday. Seat back and read with me.



Morning Activities

I was too tired, that i woke up by 10:30 am. For a week now i have not slept very well due to the fact that i was a part of the administrative team responsible in our just ended national easter conference. We were always the last to sleep and first to wake up. I lost so much weight too in the course of the conference. I needed to rest well, eat well and do some cleaning and washing in my apartment.

I struggled to wake up but i finally woke up, took my phone from where i hid it and switched it off to avoid distractions. I rushed into the bathroom to bath and brush my teeth. I noticed my body was literally shaking, i guess it was hunger causing it so i went out to buy food from the road side food vendor since i have not prepared any food yet.

my breakfast

I bought rice and plantain and meat as breakfast. After eating, i was full of energy and strength so i decided to do some cleaning and washing in the house. Its been one week the room was cleaned up. I swept the kitchen and the room and mopped them thoroughly, when i was done it was already 1pm.


Afternoon Activities

The next thing i did after cleaning and mopping the kitchen and room was i brought out the clothes i wore during the conference from my bag. I unpacked everything and placed the items where they were meant to be. The clothes i wore at the conference were dirty so i needed to wash them. I took them to my backyard and washed them. It took me about 45 mins to finish washing my clothes.

my dirty clothes

When i was done washing i was really tired so i slept off for about 2 hours. By the time i woke up it was already 4pm. I remembered my phone has been off so i quickly switched it on. I login to my steemit account to check what has been happening in my absence. I visited several communities to read post made, i commented on some. I also checked my notifications and replied them. I login to my whatsap account and informed my friends that i was back. I chatted with some of them and i was really happy i did. When it was 5pm i felt sleepy again and i decided to sleep a little.


Night Activities

I woke up by 7pm to find everywhere so dark. There was no light in my room. I switched on the touch light on my mobile phone and then went into the bathroom to have my bath because i was feeling really hot.

I login to my whatsap account again and began chatting with friends. I made some calls to in other to inform some friends that i was back home. I got hungry and needed to eat. I bought beans and bread as dinner and i ate it with excitement. Its really been a while i ate beans and bread.

my dinner

After eating, the power holding company broght back light and i was really happy. I switched on the television so that i can watch some tv drama and movies as way to relax my brain and body. At that time the light came it was already 9pm.

my tv drama

While i was watching tv drama i noticed the cool breeze coming from the window, and when i looked closely outside, i noticed it was about to rain. The wind came with thunder, so i switched off the television. I do not like the sound of thunder, it frightens me. The rain came very heavy, I quickly prepared myself for bed, and that was how i slept.


This was how i spent my day. I would like to know what you think about the sound of thunder, does it scare you? My comment section is opened for your feedbacks.

Thank you for reading..

Pls note that 10% payout of this post goes to @steemalive


As a kid I used to fear the sound of thunder irrespective of the loudness of it😂. As for now am not as scared as I was.

Beans and bread is one of my favorite combo😂. And I must say seeing your jollof and plantain brought back old memories I had in school. Thanks for sharing this with us.

You are no longer scared hmm me i dont know if i can over grow that fear.

Wow alot of guys i know love beans and bread too. You are welcome boss

My pleasure😇.

 2 years ago 

Hmmm is that agonyi beans and agege bread? Very important food in Lagos state, you really had a great day.

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