Creative Champaign for #club 75 and #club 100 on my Facebook story by @princesshope, 10% pay out to Steemalive 21/11/2021

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Hello everyone present, it's still your girl @princesshope and am very happy to be a part of this wonderful contest where I will be making my own Art work and also post it on my Facebook story to know what people think about about my work and aslo convince on how to join the steemit, #club 75 and #club 100 .

I am very today because people like my Art work and I was able to talk to many people that are interested in joining steemit and I aslo explained to them on how to join steemit and also #club 5050 and #club 100 in my Facebook account after they viewed my story.


My Art work

The Number Of People That Viewed My Post

After I posted my Art work yesterday morning I was able to get 37 views but I forgot to screenshot it so it disappeared this afternoon and I was very angry so I have to repost it this afternoon and I was able to get 29 views.





The Screenshot Of Your Conversation As A Result Of Your Story

After I posted my Art work on my Facebook page I chatted with some people and some of are interested so I explain to them about what steemit is and how it works and they said they are interested and I will like to join steemit and also # club 75 and #club 100 so here are some of my screenshots.





So far as at today this two people have replied me and asked me to register them but I have not received reply from three other people that are interested are not online since morning so i don't know if they will register now or not.

Explain What Steemit Is And How You Can Join The Club

Steemit is an online platform where someone writes an article and get paid for it by the means of voting,the quality of your work will determine the number of votes you get in every post you make.

How To Join The Club

The only way to join the clubs in Steemit is only when your steem power is much and if it happens that your steem is low and you have money in your account you can buy steem power from the trade market so you can power up and join the club of your choice and this is how I did my power up.



Tell Us About Your Plains For #Club 75 And #Club 100

My plan for #club 75 and #club 100 is that once I get enough money in my account I will like to use it to power up so I can join the clubs.

Which Club Are You In?

Currently I am in #club 5050 but I am also planning on to how to join the #club 75 and #club 100 so I am looking forward to that.




Hi @princesshope

thank you for making this beautiful entry to this contest. All the best

 2 months ago 

Wow @princesshope you have really dealt with this very topic. To tell you the truth you have done a great job here, continue likewise.

 2 months ago 

This artwork is really captivating. I wish you success. Get back to those that are interested so you sign them up.

Nice job well detailed and your artwork is beautiful ❤️

 2 months ago 

This is massive. You'll definitely get a reward for this effort.
Nice write up.
Many people on Facebook would love to know about steemit.
It is a great platform to advertise.

I love your artwork and the way you explained what steemit is and the need to make quality post.

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

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