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Hello friends, I hope you are all very healthy, I have always liked to read and write different topics, including stories, poems and songs along with my guitar. Writing and music relax me, it takes me to a world of tranquility that I would not want to leave, but I confess that I had never thought about writing about my day to day, but reading some publications of the #thediarygame tag, I began to remember when I sent letters to my mother when I was studying at the University, 41 years ago, at that time there were no cell phones, in those letters I told my mother, with details of what she had done in the week, because these letters were sent every week.

As I was saying, I had never thought of writing about my daily life, the truth is that this idea seems very interesting to me, I think that writing about what we did during the day can help us reorganize our life, since this will allow us to analyze our performance during the day and look for some answers on why we didn't do things the way we planned, as well as to improve our successes.


My participation in #thediarygame 22-01-2021

Friends, this 01-22-2021 was an excellent day, it was a very dynamic day, a day of many experiences and learnings that I want to share with all of you.

Thank God for a new day

Yesterday I got up very early (6:30 am), when I sat on the bed I thanked God for this new and wonderful day that he has given me, which allows me to see the sunlight, hear the birds sing and see my family I sat for about 10 minutes, thinking about the health of my mother who these days has been a bit delicate in health, she is 91 years old and the situation of diabetes has affected her eyesight and the neuropathy that it causes. Pain in the legs, thank God my mother is with my sister and we live nearby in the city of Puerto.

Enjoying the usual morning coffee (6:45 am)

My wife got up first than me, when I went to the kitchen she had already made coffee and breakfast, because my son had to leave early for work, I said good morning and she immediately gave me the usual morning coffee, after this, I went to the shower and then had breakfast.

Good morning to my wife and the morning coffee:


Having breakfast:


Three contingencies of the day that taught me to be cautious

After breakfast I got dressed to go out to buy a mechanical seal to repair the water pump that supplies us with drinking water, at that moment I heard a knock on the door, it was my neighbor who needed to recharge her car battery, she knew I have a battery charger, I immediately put it to charge, but not only did my neighbor come to ask me for that favor, but also to tell me that the tire of my car was empty, well friends, about what I said. I immediately thought about the spare tire, which two days ago I noticed that it was empty and I had forgotten to check it, because of this unforeseen event I learned that we must have the spare tire in good condition and not leave things for later.


Putting the battery of my neighbor's car to charge: To charge the battery of my neighbor's car I had to check a connector of a cable that did not let the current pass, this was another team that just today, presented a maintenance failure, this was easy, just clean the connector and voila.


After the unexpected rubber, I called my son to buy the stamp for me and bring it back to me when I got back at 12 noon and to have both rubbers repaired. Well friends, while my son was bringing me the seal, I decided to disassemble the pump, it is important to tell you that the seal of the pump was damaged because it suffered overheating due to lack of ventilation since the fan blades broke. reason, it is important to do preventive maintenance on the equipment, so from this unforeseen event I learned to be more aware of my equipment

At 11:40 in the morning I had already disassembled the pump, but I had to wait for my son to bring me the mechanical seal to assemble it, so that you know the function of this seal, this prevents water leaks through the pump shaft .


After disarming the pump I did maintenance on the inside and waited for the seal to be brought to me, in the meantime I washed my hands well, I called my sister again to see how my mother was, thank God my mother felt better.


At 12:20 my wife called me for lunch, that call had been waiting for a long time, because the smell of the food told me that it was delicious, and I was not wrong, my wife prepared chicken in sauce in small pieces with enough paprika and mustard, the food was really tasty, after this lunch I started to review some publications on Steemit, at 1:15 minutes my son arrived with the mechanical seal.


At approximately 3:40 in the afternoon I finished assembling the pump, everything was fine, with the pump I filled the tank so that the hydropneumatic system would take the water to the apartment, regarding the car tires, my son was in charge of take them to repair, because we must all collaborate, in a family it is important to work as a team.

Something else to do in the last hour

Friends, let me tell you that the working day does not end with the installation of the pump, my other son came to help him make a wooden base to place some equipment, he brought some wood and the design, I am always at the service of my children and immediately we began to cut the wood, unfortunately we could not finish them because to join the wood the drill was needed and as I live in a residential complex, from 6 pm the use of equipment that produces noise is prohibited and respecting these rules, we decided continue this work tomorrow.


After this dynamic day, I went to the bathroom to take a good shower, to later enjoy a delicious chocolate that my wife had prepared for me and start writing this diary.



The truth is that this Friday, January 22, 2021 was wonderful, perhaps some will say, but how can it be an excellent day with so many inconveniences! On this, I can tell you that the real bad days are those that are not productive and those days are unproductive because of us, because we do not know how to take advantage of the time because each day is a space of time from which we must get the maximum benefit.

Here is a verse from the book of Ephesians that is important to analyze.

Ephesians 5: 15-17 So be careful how you live! Live no longer as fools, but as wise. Make good use of time, because the days are bad. So don't be foolish; Seek to understand what the Lord's will is.

Friends this has been everything, I hope you have learned something from my day and my reflections, greetings and God bless you.

Bible verse reference:

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