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My dear Dairygame,
Good evening my fellow steemians how was your day am here to share with you how my day was And how it went and mostly, how I was been thought about more things in Steemit because am a newcomers.

Morning section

I woke up around 7:00 I parpare my siblings for school🎒 and after wish I brush my teeth and bath, before going to my mom's shop that I normally stay Everytime and why in the shop I washed my dad car🚗 and I played with my dogs🐕 then I enter Whatsapp and was chatting with my friends why i was still in my mom's shop.

Afternoon section

So coming to afternoon section, around 12:13pm @caleb-marvel came was teaching me more things about @steemit and he also thought me how to post by using the markdown he also told me about #club5050 and the others. As he was mentoring me, my younger sister now came to see what we where doing outside so @caleb-marvel now decided to tell her about steemit platform and like it and decided to join. Her name is @Cynthia then as time was going my siblings came back from school.

After opening the gate for them, I know went pleaded with caleb-marvel to excuse me so that I can go and take care of my younger one, then he now continue mentoring my sister in writing her achievement1 post.

Evening section

So coming to evening I went to Barbe my hair.

when I was done with that I went to eat my food around 4:34 buy then I was free from my mom's shop,I went to play game and watch movies later in the night i ate my night food after than I well to bed dis how my day ended.


I will like to appreciate @caleb-marvel for finding time to come to our house to mentor us and for tell us about steemit and to all my fellow steemains in the @steemalive community thanks to you all.


 2 months ago 

Waooo, your day was really a good one, and I really thank God the you are learning very fast.
Keep on post and do ensure that your post is a quality one..
Thanks once more💐💐💮💮

 2 months ago 

You are welcome @nikecruz

Your siblings are very lucky to have you as their big brother. Keep it up as you will serve as role model to them. Good job. God bless.

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