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It is a wonderful day. And I hope you had a great day today. I did. I am Kehinde Micheal with username @msquaretwins here on this great platform. In this post I will be sharing with you how my diary for today and I hope you will find it interesting. Happy reading!


How I started My Day


I started my day with a song of praise. Although I have been awake since around 5am West Africa Time, but I didn't start my early morning prayer until few minutes to 6am.


The topic of my devotion today is Victory over Evil. I love today's memory verse which is "And he said, The LORD is my rock and my fortress, and my deliverer;" taken from the book of 2 Samuel 22:2. Because I love this memory verse very well I read and memorize it for two minutes😁. That being said.

The main passage for today's devotion is Psalm 91:1-8. In short, the summary of today's devotion is to put trust in God, and to believe Him that he can save us and give us victory over every evil. After the reading of the word, I spent a little time praying for myself, family and friends.


Some Other Activities

• My Engagement on Steemalive Community


After morning devotion, I headed straight up to steemalive telegram group to see important update. One of the updates that I engaged in is the top 5 post released by @focus, the founder of steemalive community. I checked his post and also checked and commented on the winners' post accordingly.



• IELTS Practice


After this, I practiced IELTS writing task. IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is a standardized test of English proficiency that is mostly taken by non native English speakers who wish to study, migrate or work in English speaking countries. I have registered for this test few weeks ago and my exam is next week. I practiced this test as if I was in the exam hall. I gave myself target by setting time for myself. Then I wrote extensively on the topic under consideration. I planned to share my view of the topic. Anyway, that will be in another article. The task I practiced is uploaded below



• The Breakfast — Bread, Bean Cake and Chilled Coke 😀


At around after 10am or thereabout, shortly after I finished IELTS writing practice, I went out to get bread and Akara. Akara is one of the Nigerian snacks that is made with beans. Hence, it is otherwise known as bean cakes. It is often taken with bread, cold pap or hot pap. So I got bread and bean cake at a place not far from where I live. I got a chilled coke from a neighbour who sells soft drinks to compliment the meal and I refreshed myself with this meal.



How I ended My Day


After refreshment I took a short nap and I started preparing for Church service, Communion service. At exactly around after 4, I went straight to the bathroom to take a little shower so as to refresh body. After this, I dressed up and I went to church. I got to church 3 minutes to 5pm. The service started at exactly 5:02pm and it was glorious. The communion service was tagged "it is my turn" and the topic for the message was Engaging the wonders of Praise. The summary of the message is the benefit that we get when we praise God especially when we have no reason to do. The service ended with high praise and we closed at around 6:40pm.

Then my brother and I went straight to our house through bus. When we alighted, I branched somewhere to buy beans, rice and pepper while I told my brother to go and get fish.

I got to house few minute to 7 pm and we started to cook immediately, we cook beans and rice. Thereafter we cook stew and fish. The cooking took more than 1hr.





That's how I spent my day. I started with quality devotion in the morning. Then I engaged in steemalive community by reading and commenting on top 5 winners chosen for support. Thereafter, I practice IELTS writing, and the took my breakfast. From then, I took short nap and do a few chatting with friends on WhatApps and then dressed up for church service. I came back from church and prepared good food as uploaded above.

Thank you for reading.

Written by :- @msquaretwins
Cc:- @focusnow


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