WHY ABA PEOPLE SLEEP SO EARLY// 30/03/2021// @mobibliss

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Today after work, I chose to stroll to nearest streets and roads close to where I live, happily everywhere is bustling. I know that in just an hour or two I might rarely see anyone. Strange right?!


I therefore try to examine why Aba people sleep so early, and I made some findings. Let me first give you a minute intro
of Aba city.

Aba is a busy town know for it's trades and manufacturing capabilities. People from different parts of the country and beyond visit Aba to buy textiles, shoes and Aba made products. Here in Aba too, You will see many know factories like 7Up bottling company and Aba Breweries . In Aba there are beautiful hotels and resorts, just everything a developed city has.

Despite the town's reputation, people of Aba sleep early. By 10 pm the roads are almost deserted. It was as if someone blew the whistle and everyone has to leave the roads and heed to their places of abode leaving few stubborn ones parading the streets. This is one of the few things that makes Aba boring and a heartbreak for visitors.

Why do Aba people sleep so early?

One of the factors could be fear. Aba was a bubbling city before the kidnapping saga that crumbled business and chased away many businessmen in Aba, within 2008 to 2010. After that too, there has been robberies and many other violence. People in Aba believe that being home early keeps one safer and away from hoodlums.
Second factor could be police. The fact is that criminal activities in Aba are not done by criminals alone. Some unscrupulous elements in the force has abused their power and also the citizens. For instance it has often been reported that police make illegal arrest at night and also the rumour that some even has to disguise themselves as bus drivers, they load passengers into their vehicles and offload them at police stations demanding for ransom in the name of bailouts. This is the height of the fright that now holds the people; where the protector has surreptitiously turned a traitor.

The third reason could be governmental policies. The restriction placed on tricycle operators (which has become the main means of commuting) on the time to operate cripples nightlife. People want to go home early when they could get a tricycle.


The fourth could be poor infrastructure. Before now, coming to Aba at night will be like visiting a lost city. With worn out roads and total darkness everywhere one might think of being in a kind of " zombie highway". Thanks to the job being done by the present administration.



Aba is a great town but a lot of factors including the ones mentioned above has ruined it. It could be revitalized if the rulers could take measures to restore normalcy.


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