One Year Anniversary of Steemalive Community - An Event Worth Celebrating|| @meymeyshops|| 17/07/2021

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Dear Steemalive,

I understood you are one (1) year old in this world of Steemit Social Media Blockchain Technology. I was so happy for you because it has never been easy for anyone to survive the hash weather in the world of cryptocurrency.

So I took it upon myself to celebrate with you and to congratulate you for your whole accomplishments in Steemit.

You came to life at the time when many were losing hope that your parent, Steemit, may no longer cater for her numerous offsprings. You look around and said NO SHE CAN! You stood your ground and look straight into the future, yes, you saw a better day ahead. You picked up your digger and began digging the soil of Africa.

What have you collected together under your pinions? Diamonds, pearls of high value have filled and continue to fill your bossom.

Like your mother Steemit, you have got the proof of brain which is making you stand tall among your contemporaries.

You know how to recruit, retain and reward your people. Your team of able-bodied ladies and gentlemen are also selfless and ready to impart knowledge to willing newbies.

Your encouragement have been the driving force for your people. No wonder everyone wants to hold your garb declaring loyalty to your leadership.

I came to celebrate you, Steemalive because you brought light to my financial path. I came and enjoyed with your wonderful team in the persons of @talktofaith the lanky lady with a dimple cheek, @ngoenyi - the wonder lady, @ceendy20 - the yummy lady, @jovita30 - the pretty damsel, @whitestallion - onyenkem, @bright-obias - the brain guy, @samuel20 - the cheerful coordinator, @godsbest - the handsome man.

The fried rice with roasted chicken was sooooo palatable and garnished with salad. The red wine and tubo cream wine is memorable. I combined them together as a combined service mmmmm I began to feel a little tipsy. But the Malt drink went home with me even the cake too.

I really enjoyed the day with you Steemalive. I took plenty of pictures of course so let me showcase them below for all to share.


With @ngoenyi, @ceendy20 and @jovita30




@godsbest sharing the wine

Enjoying my chicken



Cutting the cake


I was so excited


See as @focusnow poses to open door for his guest, so cute.

So the Anniversary came to an end.

My warmest greetings,

 3 months ago 

No be small enjoyment,i missed it.

I ate your own pending when we see, you can rub my back then it'll return to you. Hahahaha

 3 months ago 

Ist good??

 3 months ago 

This is great @maymayshops,I am so excited too, you are really happy,@focusnow was over happy too

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No be small grooving be that oh, I miss out big time.

Naa waoooo. Why I missed this kind of event. Anywhere, be expecting me on the 2nd year Anniversary. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Sis for your esteemed comment, do a great night rest.

 3 months ago 

This is great!!! We keep soaring higher.

You people really enjoyed yourself!I know It was amazing!!