The diary game @mekzikho, 24/11/20

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My diary game of today being 24th of the month of November 2020. @mekzikho

When i woke around 5:23am, i took permission from God and pray to God almighty for my day to great that i need monday today.
Before 7am my kids went to school.
Then, i took a cup tea and start up my day.
I went to my office today and i achieved many things today.


I went to Chidi Nwoosu Event Center Isicourt Olokoro Umuahia. For a club meeting. Then after, i went back to the office to continue from where i stopped.

But finally today, my client disappointed me today, he suppose to pay me today. But all my efforts, calling and chatting are abortive.
He called me that he will be come by 3pm, till 6pm he didn't and finally i observed that his mobile line is switched off.

But i thank God for every thing today.


My regards to @Talktofaith @focusnow etc God bless u all. Am back again.

 5 months ago 

@mekzikho, I'm glad you are back. I was really thinking about you today.
I was contaplating on what the issue is.
Nice diary entry anyway.
Best regards

Don't be disappointed. These things keep on happening. Just keep going, you will get someone betten this one.
#onepercent #india #affable

God always has a better plan
He knows why he did that
More favours will surely come your way in Jesus name,

Some days are like that, but patient will help us relate with people. Thanks for sharing

 5 months ago 

Nice to read your diary @mekzikho

Sorry for the disappointment from your client.Life is not always as rossy as planned.Tomorrow would be better.

Hope the club meeting was a successful one.

I will expect more stories and pictures in your next diary.

#onepercent #nigeria

my client disappointed me today

@mekzikho, I understand you very well. They so many clients like that. They hardly respect their words. What hurt me, is the fact that they wouldn't inform you. They stay mute.
#twopercent #cameroon

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