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My diary for today @mekzikho,
I thank God for my life today. When i woked up today, Around 5:27, and then i prayed to God for my safety today as usual.
I didn't go any where today. I just washed my dirty clothes and help my wife to do some domestic stuff at the home.
And i i gave my mother a very big support for the visitation of my elder sister who ga e birrh at Aba, Abia state nigeeia.
My mum left for Aba today.
And finally i went ti watch soccer between Manchester United versus Everton that finally ended at 3-1 in favor of Manchester United. After that i watched the news of American presidential ELECTION.


And i went home to sleep a little a d i dound out my day is ove thats how i ended up my day. Happy weekend to all.


Thank you for supporting your wife to do domestic work.This is an attitude we want to promote in Ghana.If you have any help, i would wait for you

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Hi mekzikho for sharing your diary.I suggest to make it a bit lengthy some other time with more pictures.

You also need to give title to your pictures and cite the ones that are not yours.

Best Regards!!

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Nice diary @mekzikho but keep steeming to perfection, besides try and deal with your achievement 3 very well for a better post. I really love your enthusiasm in making your posts. As it stands if the Democrats takes over power from the Republican it's not bad for my view, as is God that enthrones and dethrones kings sure you aren't worried.

Weldon sir it good to d
Know they are men who still help their wife, and was the football match in favor of your team

My brother @mekzhiko you really did well as you stayed back at home,though they said all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and all play and no work make jack a loser
Keep making post bro i really enjoyed reading your post

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Hello @mekzikho, thanks for sharing your diary. I think you can make it more attractive by adding more details about your day especially those exciting things. Remember it's a store for you to look back some day. Thank you
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