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Hello fellow steemians, how was your day? Hope you had a stress-free day. I am here with my third post on this contest.

It is Wednesday morning and I visited another notable fast food in my area called YUMMY DELICACIES which is at Isashi, off Badagery Express Way Lagos State Nigeria. They occupied a very small space for their business. And their Lister Generator was at the back of the building, they really managed the small space very well. Even inside the building the arrangements of chairs in there was so beautiful that it can be able to enter 15 -20 customers at a time. This is how it looks.



They served lots of delicacies to their customers today. These are the lists of what they served today. Spicy jollof rice, white rice and stew, vegetable soup and semovita, fried rice, and also fried turkey, chicken and fish as protein.



When I entered the place I met 12 customers eating and group of workers on a meeting they were 7 in number.


I tried and bought vegetable soup and semovita, which they sold at the rate of #2000. Infact it was delicious. I so much enjoyed it and I considered it to be the best out of all their meals.

They sold their plate of spicy jollof rice and chicken #2100. Plate of spicy jollof rice and turkey #2000. And their mode of payment is cash and with POS.

They also have section for snacks and ice cream.


These are the rates of their ice cream.
Fanice ice cream 120ml #200
Fanice ice cream 250ml # 350
Fanice ice cream 3 litre #2100.
After my investigation I relaxed and later took pictures before leaving there.

It was a very happy visit. And believe the place is worth visiting for friends and families.


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You really did enjoy yourself at these Yummy Delicacies, their foods look appetizing. Its good to enjoy oneself once in a while. Thanks for sharing.

@essygold, my sister I have to enjoy myself oo life is once. Besides outside tasting their food how will I know their best meal. Thanks anyway.

I can see from pictures that you had an amazing time.

@adaumunna, yes naa enjoyment galore. I did.

Thank you for sharing

@adaumunna you are welcome dear.

@adaumunna you are welcome dear.

@adaumunna you are welcome sis.

 last month 

@maubaby, you dey enjoy ooooo,
Yummy, yummy food center really gave you what you needed and that made you feel happy, how about trying to get the recipe they used to prepare the delicious delicacy so that you keep making that type, or more still so that you can share the recipe with other women. Think on that, take care and be safe.

Thanks sis. I really enjoyed I will not lie.

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

Thank you sir. remain blessed.

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