Calculating persentage Power-up with Steemcryptic- by @manuelhooks[10% to steemalive]

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Calculating persentage Power-up with Steemcryptic

Loading the App

Using In your address bar will help you load Steemcryptic


  • Enter your username, a start date and a stop date.


Using the day, month and year format. Note that you can analyse more than one month at a time.


This feature makes data entry a lot easier. After entering the dates click on the fetch botton.


After analysing your account, you will be given this output in form of a pie chart. Available in this two formats.

Reading the results

The blue represents your earnings while the Green represents your Power-Ups. For a member of the #club5050, the green colour must be larger than the blue.
In the average situation, both colours should be equal.
In the sample provided above, we have plenty of green when compared with the blue.

There are situations when you earning is so low that the pie chart may not display.


Appreciation to Steemit for helping us with this app that makes monthly calculation of Power-up percentage very simple.

I will keep maintaining my status as a member of the #Club5050 by making the needed Power-Ups which creates mutual benefits for the Steemit Community and I.

#club5050 #steemexclusive #nigeria #krsuccess #steemalive #club70

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