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Promoting Steemit to a large Audience

Mindset no Sunday the 15th day of January 2022 organized a pre-launch of Mindset Business & Entrepreneurship Academy (MBE)



The event was attended by 46 persons according to the attendance register but the 60 sits brought in for the occasion was almost used up.
The event was not publicized as only friends, relatives, acquaintance and some customers were invited to the pre-launch of MBE.

Highlight of Event


The event was hosted at Mindset head office, number 15 Ikpa Road Uyo. And was chaired by Mr and Mrs M. U. Ekong.
The DJ was present to keep the place warm early enough.
The event started by 4pm with the Moderator's introduction of some guest in attendance, followed by a short opening prayer by Mr. J. Thomas.
The chairman's opening remarks came next, and I can vividly remember him telling the audience that even the free food provided by God still needed work because you will have to go out and get your ration. Anyone who did not go out to collect will end up with no food.
He concluded that it was a good thing to be invited to the per-launch of a program that will help many put food on their table.

After introducing and unavailing the MBE banner, Mr Itoro explained the concept behind MBE. MBE is a skill acquisition program organized by Mindset in partnership with its registered partners across the state. While Mindset will take care of the business and entrepreneurship development, the associated partners will be responsible for transferring the specific skill selected by the student.
Other items in the program was the presentation of:

  • Academy 4 Wealth
  • Mindset Computers
  • Web Application
  • A-Level Exams
  • JAMB Classes
  • Steemit
  • TEF 2021 $5,000 Grant Winner
  • TEF 2022 Application


Steemit was presented by @manuelhooks. In his presentation, he brought the audience to a conclusion that the work they had been doing on Facebook with out pay, with a littler amendment could be a source of revenue if done on the Steemit platform.
He responded to questions on what to post, how to post and where to post.
When he asked the audience how many people were already Steemians, five persons showed by a lift of hand. He had a single successful registration due to issues with network, and others promises to come for their registration.


Prospecting Steemit to a large crowd is very interesting but needs a lot of backup. Next time there id such an opportunity, I will invite you to come over and share the joy of registering as many as possible at the end of the event.
In my opinion. Both the event and the prospecting was successful.

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