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Today i would love to share with us my love for not. Not everybody would love to admit they love food, or would be proud to be called a foodie.

Well many at times we are told is not lady like for people to see you as a foodie or to be seen in public eating some meals.

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How It Started

I was born into the family of 9 including my both parents.
My mum divided the house choirs between me and my sisters as the third child my mum delegated the kitchen to me. I could remember the first time i made beans, I just cook direct without washing or per-boiling the beans and when my mum asked me if i washed and per-boiled before cooking, i asnswered no with the mindset that beans are cooked with out washing or per-boiling because they don't have starch just like rice.
That day i recieved the beating of my life.
Usually my mum never called me seperately to teach be how to cook, she expected to come to the kitchen and watch her while she cook. For everything i did not learn from her while she was cooking i learnt from her cane when i make mistakes.

My mum was such a good cook that people come from far and near to ask and learn one new skill from her.
I made my first meal at the age of 10 which was beans and my first soup was uha soup.


I have been cooking for my tham 15years and believe me i don't get tired of it.
Loving food to be is one thing and eating so much is yet another thing.

my favourite meal

Unlike most people i don't have a favourite meal. I eat base on cravings. They say cravings are for pregnant women, well that's not all so true because i crave for almost everything i eat.
This also drives me into the kitchen so often and it also makes me very creative while cooking.

I have noticed that there are three factors to consider before you call somebody a good cook.

  • One is time management
  • food presentation
  • teast of the food.

With this three points you can tell how good a person is in cooking.

Though i don't have a favourite meal but i can easily be compensated with Eba and soup when push comes to shove.



Thank you for you your time and patience hope you enjoy my little write up on food and while i like food.


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