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RE: SteemAlive Presents: ProWritersHub (W6) - rewarding a team of dedicated contest writers. Prize: 25 Steem (booming +trail)

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This is an amazing contest. Who is thinking if to write on steemit? Join steemalive community contest every week and see yourself succeeding in steemit. As you are thinking, somebody have dropped a link for week 6 ProWriters hub. Hmmmm, ijelady make you no carry last oooo, lol. @innocent10 congratulations in advance.

I love the spirit. Encourage your friends to participate, do not enjoy it alone.


Ok thank you ma @ijelady I promise to do so

 2 years ago 

@ijelady abrg tell him to take it easy now😭😭

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

And make your all4one post a quality post or it will be muted in a short while.

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