Steem Road Show - Day 11 Of Aba City Friday 8/10/2021 - Promoting Steem

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This STEEM ROAD SHOW has always been a fruitful event that I always anticipate to engage in and happily today is known to be the day 11 since it begin in the big city of Aba. As usual, I did my best to join the volunteers at the training centers before we head for the show.

At the training center, @samuel20 coordinated the brief meeting with the volunteers. During the meeting, a huge numbers of a new design steemit filers were distributed to us alongside some important information that we are expected to bear in mind before we storm the street. Thereafter, a tricycle was boarded heading to the selected location for the day.

Abia state polytechnic junctions was selected as the shooting spot because a huge numbers of students who attends the school do pass-through the axis and other identifiable individuals can be found within the environments.


To begin the show, I spoke to some students who were standing around where our banner was mounted and thankfully to them, they showed interest in steemit but due to their urgency to get to their class for their lectures we had to exchange our phone numbers so that I can recuit them later in the day after their lectures.

Thereafter, I met a young lady of whom was eager to know of steemit and how it's funtions, I did my very best to explain to her what steemit is, how it works and what is expected of her in steemit. Then, she willfully indicated the interest to sign-up of which I did the needful by registering her into steemit along with her details.


I and my new recruit @giftchizzy

@giftchizzy works as staff in a company close to the polytechnic and whishes to do all it takes in order to be active in steemit platform, she also said that it seems to be a scam on the onset but after my well-detailed explanation she could boldy say that it's a legit steemit platform.

After the registration, I continued to search out on individuals who would like to join steemit. But unfortunately, I couldn't find more, so the volunteers decided to take some pictures with the banner.


After the taking those wonderful shots as you can see them above, the volunteers as usual decided to chill-out in a cold and conducive environment since the day was heated with an intense sun.


As we spent time in the fastfood in other words resting ourselves, the huge numbers of volunteers who turned up for the show decided to take some pictures.


From the pictures, you can see that we enjoyed ourselves during our stay in the fastfood and moreover the stress worths the relaxation. We had a total number of about 14 volunteers who showed up during the road show, below is the line up of them.




Today was eventful, after the road show, I dispatched to my destination. The joy exist within our hearts that the work has been done to the full and I will continue to promote steem as far as it will get to the most distant part of the general ears, thank you for going through my road show activity.

cc: @steemalive @stephenkendal

 2 months ago 

You really did well on this roadshow. Kudosa to all your team members who made it happen.

Welldone @humblesoul it was a detailed accounting for this road show. Keep the vibe going.

 2 months ago 

@humblesoul it wasn't easy but we tried our best

We have supported this post. Keep on making great content in our community. Always check @steemalive for community updates. Thank you being an active member.

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