The Diary season 3: CHURCH SERVICE AND MASSIVE RECRUITMENT. 22/5/21 by godsbest

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Sunday for me is always a very remarkable day of the week not just because I go to church but because it's a time to fellowship with the brethren.

Dear diary
I woke up this morning around 3am and started studying till it was 5am then I started preparing for church. It's quite wired to others but that's the way I run my Sunday schedules.

I finished preparing and dashed off to church, I was almost running late but thankGod I got to church by almost 7:oclock.
Service started in Ernest and the service was loaded especially the praise sections.
The pastor then talked on the ways to activate Angelic ministration and one thing he said I won't forget is that


"Angels are not commanded by men rather you talk to God to send the Angels to work and if you don't activate your Angels they will remain dormant."

It was an interesting time in the presence of God as prayers were made for the activation of this Angelic beings into the affairs of our lives.


After service I had to talk to over 15 persons on the need to join Steemit and they all agreed to join. So I began my membership immediately.

Church dismissed and I came back home tired, ate my food and started scouting for things to write on after which I retired foe the day

This is my diary post [email protected]


We truly need Angelic assistance in every of our activities here on Earth. Thank you @godsbest for sharing your diary post. I'm sure you had the best times in God's presence

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