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Love in my own terms is a natural feeling one have towards each other to either do good, share, give and never thinking to hurt another..


The natural human hearts configuration is designed to follow through this pattern so the world would be the best place on earth. All fingers are never equal but through generosity this gap would remain unnoticed. There will never be a time when there won't be poor people, afflicted or physically challenged people, the balance will be striked when the able individuals are able to extend a level of generosity to others.

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I have seen an evil under the sun that an individual extends generosity towards another and is paid back with wickedness undeserving.

This perversion has caused many heart to grow cold towards extending this hand of generosity.

It's painful that a man out of benevolence trains his brothers child to university degree, he graduates gets a job and forgets the hand that feed him.

It's painful that many brothers have withdrawn all their entire life savings to send their blood brothers abroad for greener pastures and to make the family enter her Rehoboth, the brother goes there and forgets the family members as if they don't exist. Living the brothers in shambles and shadows of regrets wishing they never made such huge mistakes.

Which will be ignored against the other? A woman had picked his imidiate younger sister from obscurity to come and stay with her and the husband in the city, she has brushed her up and trained her down to university level only to discover that she is pregnant for the husband in her 2nd year in school..

Finally this is generosity that comes from a heart of love has been ruined by evil recompense thereby causing a lot of folks to learn from other people's experiences and painful stories . This has made a lot of people reduce drastically in their nature of generosity looking as if humans have become wicked.

Humans have not suddenly become wicked but a lot of people are careful not to fall victim of this evil folks.

Should we stop been generous? Not at all. Personally I would advice that your acting generosity should be as unto the lord and not unto man. With this mindset, you will never be embarrassed or moved when their is any counter action. Do not be weary in good doing for in due season you will reap if we fail not.



@godsbest, thank you for this lovely blessed.

😮😮😮😮.. getting pregnant for her sister husband..whoops
@godsbest, I love this post sir. I will continue to love even when it's harder.

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