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Dear diary

I stay in a city that is surrounded by mountains, Enugu state precisely. So I decided to go and check out what it feels like been on top of the mountain..

I actually went there to pray with some folks and it was meant to last all through the night so we can have an extensive time with God..
Part of the things we went to pray for was for National stability and intimacy with God.

The journey and the experience in the mountain

The mountain is quite tall, the height I can't estimate but am sure I saw 1000 miles away from the peak of the mountain

This is not the first time am climbing a mountain so I already got my mind made up as I knew what was ahead. But I had some folks that were climbing for the first time so I was very careful to avoid fall or danger.




We got to the top of the mountain about 30 mins later and we commenced prayers after we had refreshed..



The prayer lasted quite long as we had started praying from 3pm to 11pm then I advised they go sleep so we can wake up for the midnight section but as they slept I had to make fire to keep the environment warm because it was freezing up there and the insects were another point of challenge.. After a while I woke them up and demanded they come to the fire to heat themselves up



At this time it was around 4am and we had to make prayers until it was 6am then we started preparing for exit.

It was quite an experience as God gave gave us that assurance of what we prayed for. We will soon go back there soon


Thanks for reading my post..

 2 years ago 

Welcome back

 2 years ago 

Thanks alot dear

Wow this is great....more grace sir

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much dear

It’s scary for me ooo, but it’s enjoyable sha
Thanks for sharing

 2 years ago 

Maybe you will try it out someday

Yes I will because I really love it 😍

Devoting your time to make it up for the mountain it's really a great deal.....may your prayers be met Sir.

 2 years ago 

Amen.. I really felt the shikina literally.. Thanks slot dear

Sir your day went well..quite adventurous

 2 years ago 

Thanks [email protected]..
Thanks for reading my post

You and your colegues tried in your resolve to climb to that hight whereby you can see upto 1000 miles away. Are you aware that from ABA to Lagos is not upto 500 miles ?

So, you tried a lot.
Mr. Joseph Agwu Ogbajie,

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