ENUGU CITY CORDINATORS REPORT FOR 23rd MAY TO 30th MAY by godsbeststeemCreated with Sketch.

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This is a report that shows the effort of the city toward promoting and creating awareness for Steemit. This community is barely one month old and am seeing a whole lot of enthusiasm and cooperation.

By last week we were able to have finally recruited over 10 persons but the challenge is that they are all students and are in the middle of their semester examination so it is giving alot of them issues as not to have divided attention so the scans will be finishing this week and every hand will be on deck meanwhile we were able to hold our meeting after their exams on Friday and slot of new persons came but I couldnt complete their registration because of their phone interruption and time factors..




We couldnt have our meeting on time because of the exams they were having but we latter fixed up something as we had discussed on the right approach for the road to 1million so project.

They were very happy for the protect and our leader @focusnow has created an account for us and we shall commence our donation by June 1st.
We closed on time due to the security challenge in the city meanwhile we had slot of interested newcomers who will definitely register this week

During the week also I payed visit to ebony state and I met @festchuks a very active member that is almost done with his achievements..
We discussed on how to move forward and he was happy I came.

I was able to register about 10 persons namely

Some of them are yet to complete their achievements 1 post while some people already started.


Summary of enugu Steemit users

Total users in the cityTotal
Yet to post6
Yet to register7
New users recruited this week7


I plan to make sure that everyone is fully registered and complete atlest the achievement post then add more people to the platform..
We also intend to get a good hall for training and a new and then talk on how to get our new laptop .

Due to their exam that will finish, we will have enough room to harness more people into the team and slot of people will complete their posts and registration


Special thanks to @focusnow for his encouragment and consistent support. I know that I and my team will build a great network from this to make @steemit and @steamalive a better community.
We can can achieve more together @steemit @steamalive @Stephenkenal

Written by @godsbest for Enugu city @steamalive


Great power comes with great responsibility. It is not an easy task achieving a particular goal when many people are involved with different perspectives and interest. You are doing very well sir.
I appreciate your efforts, and it was nice having you in Abakaliki. You engligthend me in ways that I benefited more than I expected. It will be a pleasure having you come around more often to discuss about the progress of @steemit and @steemalive
Regards sir!

To whom much is given much is expected, and you have outrightly delivered, kudos to you @godsbest, more power to your elbow sir. We will grow Enugu chapter to greater heights 💪💪

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your resilient support @ihemma.. Together we can achieve more and better

We will make you proud sir. More great achievements sir. we proud of this great opportunity you presented to us and happy you are our leader Sir @godsbest

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