Enugu City Coordinators Report for 30th May to 6th June 2021.

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This is to give the weekly report as to how far we have been able to promote the knowledge of Steemit in our locality showing that it's a young community and we have slot of job to do ahead but we are really doing great with recruitment and retention.


We have been doing a good job recruiting and finding means every means to retain the people we have recruited seeing they have a challenge of disbelief because of slot of fraudulent writing platforms that has collected people's money.
I have to go out of my way to now explain further more before they concur to my plea.
I was able to recruit 4 persons this week namely



We had a brief meeting on Wednesday were I was able to talk to them father on the need to support the move for one million sp and slot of people are really complying though others have not complied because of some financial issues and am doing everything possible to make sure they comply by the next week.

City Activity check

Some of them are yet to complete their achievements 1 post while some people already started.

1@fredrickdivineNot active
11@obiomalydianot active
12@okechukwumattewnot active

Summary of enugu Steemit users

Total users in the cityTotal
Not active3
Yet to register3
New users recruited this week4

@okechukwumattew and @obiomalydia, @fredrickdivine are having issues with their phone so they will come active in no distant time.
I call festchuks often to ensure he is kept multivated although he has been affected by the lack of vote stigma.


I plan to make sure that everyone is fully registered and complete atlest the achievement post then add more people to the platform..
We also intend to get a good hall for training and a new and then talk on how to get our new laptop .

I will be having a zoom meeting this week so I will keep the people posted on the latest activity and to further enhance their knowledge on the platform.


A lot of people are currently having issues with their mobile device so I have urged them to get new once while I am planning of helping some of them repair their old ones. And I will be sending some airtime this week to ensure that we have no data problem.


Special thanks to @focusnow for his encouragment and consistent support. I know that I and my team will build a great network from this to make @steemit and @steamalive a better community.
We can can achieve more together @steemit @steamalive @Stephenkenal

Written by @godsbest for Enugu city @steamalive


I believe our team will build a great network here on steemit. I believe in you @godsbest and I absolutely commend you for your untiring efforts in mentoring and building the steemit enugu/ abakaliki team.
Kind regards!

@godsbest, we will make you proud sir. Sir, I and my colleagues can't wait for the airtime sir☺️

@godsbest, we will make you proud sir and can't wait for the zoom meeting sir.

Thank u sir for ur sincere effort ; we would do well

God bless you sir for the effort you've put in making sure we all get our achievement done and also always being there in time where we have challenges in it.

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Thanks to @booming

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