City cordinators report for ENUGU. Week 16th -22nd August 2021 by godsbest

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This is to summarize in a written form the activities that has happened in my city and city for the past one week; the meet ups , the online and offline engagements.

Activities for the week
The week had started well with alot of targets to meet . First was reorganizing and multivating my city because alot had stoped writing because they thought there was no need for that and I've been able to integrate some people who were registered by @ngoenyi who now recide in my city. For I had an offline meeting for people who were close to each other and had another for people who couldn't come urging each and every one of them to be consistent and been keen on imploying new ideas on topics to write..

These are the pictures from our weekly meetups.



There were some people who couldn't make it to the meeting because were not informed. So I fixed the online meeting..

One of the major challenges that my people are having is lack of votes and we have found a means through the steemalive new voting system to remedy the challenge. If only they can comply to the rules .

Plans for the week.

We are planning on having a general city Meetup by next week so we can get to know ourselves and plan the way forward.
Secondly we will have a city contest to help people in the city write and get more steems.


This is the little breakdown of our activities for this week. Thanks to @steemitblog and @steemalive


This is my city report.

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We really appreciate your efforts over there. We love the meetups and really wish you will continue to organize them more frequently. Lets work harder together. @godsbest

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Thanks alot sir

Nice one..more grace

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