Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 - Official Application for Steemalive Community

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After a phenomenal season 1 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge, I write to officially apply for SteemAlive to be selected among the 6 communities for season 2 of the challenge. I hope we are properly ready to shoulder the responsibilities for any community that will be selected. Below are some relevant information about our community that made us think we deserve a slot.


The Purpose of SteemAlive community

This community is 100% into Steem Promotion. We have successfully launched and executed various promotion campaigns in Nigeria. The fact that more than 90% of active Nigerians on Steemit came directly or indirectly through our community is big testament to our effectiveness in promotion. We recruit, mentor and support newbies as they kick-start their journey on Steemit.


SteemAlive Community - a brief history

A July 12th, 2020, a team of five persons together with @focusnow the Founder launched SteemAlive community. Our purpose of starting the community was to become the main channel through which Nigerians will get to know and join Steemit. We lived up to and beyond that expectation. We did not waste time to start creating awareness through Radio broadcasts, outdoor promotions, seminars and mentorship classes. It did not take long before these efforts started yielding fruits.

Through our promotion campaigns, we recruited so many new users. We trained them and get them the enabling environment to start-off their Steemit journey. Today, we can boast of the growth of those users. Some of them are now successfully community founders, Admins and moderators of various communities. For example @whitestallion. We have recruited and mentored many that are now academy professors and other very successful team leaders like @ijelady.

We continue to run our promotion, recruitment and mentorship campaigns till this day and hope to do more as we help the Steemit team achieve the 3R's.


Community Leadership

Below are the community Founder and moderators.

UsernameRoleClub Status

@focusnow Discord Link: focusnow#1571
@ijelady Discord Link: ijelady#2159


Community Account for curation

@steemalive is our curation account for the community. We use this account to support our member posts. We have been powering up most of our earnings to build up the account. Through percentage beneficiaries which are donation to the community account, we earn and power up to build our account. In 2022 alone, we have powered up more than 9000 Steem. Below is our account details from Steemworld


To mark our growth as pronounced, we recently achieved 9x dolphin status, just two months after we got to 8x. We are hoping to become an orca within on or before our second anniverssary.

We created a project called all4one where our members donate one post to the community weekly by setting the beneficiary 100% to @steemalive. This has been one of our fundamental way to earn and power up.

The posting key is held by some of the moderators that assist with community work such as @samuel20 and @marajah. The active and owner keys are held by @focusnow and properly backed up.


Current Policy on Engagement

Even before engagement became popular, our community have taken it serious and promoted it as an integral part of content publishing. We have launched and executed various projects whose primary aim is engagement. Currently, our engagement policy includes:

1. Nominated top 5 users must support at least one other nominee: We have educated our members and created a policy which requires that all top 5 nominees must support at least one other nominee. We drop a comment on each nominated post to that effect and moderaators ensure compliance.


2. Our 5Times7 project: This project has been running for some time now. We reward users that are able to engage with all top 5 posts for each day. It means that at the end of the week, they should have engaged with a minimum of 35 posts - 5 posts everyday times 7 days.

3. Moderators: Our moderators are checking every post and engaging with it. They check for club status, steemexclusive, and other things. They also engage meaningfully with the verified posts.


Helping Users improve their posts

Mentorship has been one of our strongest points. So we have always provided sufficient education to our members. Some of the things we do includes:

1. Weekly Classes Our weekly classes provide training on the do's and dont's or content publishing on Steemit. We are redesigning a fresh program which will kick off from June 2022.

2. Moderators recommendations: We have trained our moderators and tasked them with making corrections in any posts they notice some errors. So our moderators leave helpful comments on posts they verify and suggest our the author can improve in their next publication.

3. By Example: I and the leaders have set the standard in publishing strictly quality posts consistently. We ask our members to study our work and see how they can improve their own. This has been a great way to help our members improve the quality of their posts.


Why we must be given this Opportunity

We have done terrific work to deserve a chance in the engagement challenge for season two. Our promotion and mentorship project over the last two years have produced solid results. Almost all active Nigerians on Steemit today have had some direct or indirect assistance from SteemAlive to join the platform.

We have produced users that have achieved various levels of progress on the platform. Currently, we still remain the most populous and active community of Nigerians on Steemit. We still remain the most active in terms of promotion and support of newbies. We still remain the main entry point of newbies from this part of the world.

We have created projects such as the Steem Road Show, Food4though, 5Times7 and many others through which we keep members busy, engaged and rewarded. In the next few weeks, we will become an orca, a feat few communities on Steemit can dream of. We strongly believe that we retain enough reasons and credentials to be considered for this opportunity. It up to the team to consider and make make their choice.



We believe so much in the Steem Project. We hope to be selected for the season two of this engagement challenge. While we remain optimistic about our opportunity here, we will continue to fully support all Steemit projects - and indeed all our members in Steemalive community.

 2 years ago 

Hi @focusnow,

The application sounds great and is nothing short of top-notch.Steemalive community has paid her dues when it comes to recruitment, mentoring and training.Plenty,if not all steemians in Nigeria are direct products of Steemalive.

Moderators are actively checking post in the community for plagiarism and use of Bidbot.Engagement is also a modus operandi in the community.

I believe given the aforementioned points the community deserves to be enlisted for the next engagement challenge.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much @samuel20 for you invaluable contribution to our success story. Your commitment to our growth cannot be questioned over the time since you joined. We really hopt to be given another opportunity to add value here. Thank you so much

 2 years ago (edited)

This community is doing its best in supporting steem projects. And its moderators which am one of them are working tirelessly for the growth of this community.

As for me, i don't think i would be a steemian today if not through the aid of this community. And ever since i joined, they inculcated in me the need to engage meaningfully in other users posts and to show how serious it is, its contests winners are based on number of engagements and steem promotion is part of its priority.
I wish your application will be accepted and granted for am ready to give my support.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for working hard ever since you joined us. SteemAlive will continue to do its best in promotion, recruitment and mentorship. We hope to get a chance in season 2 of the challenge. Thanks @marajah

 2 years ago 

All your encouragements kept me where i am today in this steem journey. Steemalive will continue to be my best community and i personally will keep on supporting any of its projects. Thanks @focusnow.

 2 years ago 

While reading this post, I came to realize that steemialive have been doing engagement Challenge contest before now, in the community contest, you must make quality posts and engage in other participants post, not only that, the one with most quality post and highest number of meaningful comment wins 1st position, I have learned a lot of things from steemialive because it is the first community I came to know after newcomers community, I as a modretor in steemialive is ever ready to surport all steemit project just as I have supporting all steemialive project, If steemialive is choosing I will do my best to support the task, I am prepared for this season 2 engagement Challenge.
@steemalive, i wish you the best

 2 years ago 

We really appreciate everything you have done and will do for this community. Your team remains the most active here. We cannot thank you enough for really being an outstanding mama. We will win more together as we work as a team @ijelady

 2 years ago 

You can call me outstanding Mama, again and again @steemalive, i love going for the best and give it my best, we have a lot to achieve together

 2 years ago (edited)

@steemalive is one community that doesn't take "no" for an answer. One community that has the potency of recruiting, mentoring and supporting it's members. Their projects are exceptionally great.

Talking about engagement, this is one community that has instill in me the important of meaningful engagement. Alot can be said about them but I wish this 2nd engagement challenge will favour them. Best wishes my beloved @steemalive community.

 2 years ago 

@nsikakedem. I really want to say a big "Thank you" for everything you have done to support us. We appreciate your can do spirit too. We will continue to support you as always. Count on us.

 2 years ago 

Almost all active Nigerians on Steemit today have had some direct or indirect assistance from SteemAlive to join the platform.

This is absolutely true. I was recruited by one of the Nigerian African representatives. And since then, I and other Active Nigerians have been recruiting other Nigerians.

We have produced users that have achieved various levels of progress on the platform. Currently, we still remain the most populous and active community of Nigerians on Steemit. We still remain the most active in terms of promotion and support of newbies. We still remain the main entry point of newbies from this part of the world.

You are also right here @focusnow. I have noticed that all the successful Nigerians in Steemit are recruited and mentored by @steemalive. And I am proud of Steemalive Community because I am successful today because of training I received here.

We have been trained to know how to make quality Comments before engagement challenge come on board, so I believe that we will do very well if this opportunity is giving to us

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are really optimistic about our opportunities in this season two. We are proud of our contribution to the Steem ecosystem. Your effort in promoting this community and supporting Steem is next to none. Thank you so much for everything @chichieze

 2 years ago 

You are welcome My mentor. Without you, I wouldn't have been in Steemit today. Thanks for contributing to my success in Steemit

I say congratulations in advance. Steemalive has done so well over the last one year plus. I feel very much at home. I love steemalive for many reasons which includes, engagement, support, the projects, and recruitment and training.

 2 years ago 

We appreciate your consistency, support and quality publications. We are really eager to see all our members do grow more. Lets hope for the best in this season 2

Ok sir . You are welcome

 2 years ago 

The steemalive community has really done so well in lives of the Citizens of Nigeria and the most thing I enjoy in this community is that they carry all her members alone, living no body behind. As long as you chose follow the rules and guide in writing, you will do exploit in Steemit.

I and the leaders have set the standard in publishing strictly quality posts consistently.

Sir, of a Truth the example that you have set it what a true leader should do and I must confess that if there are men like you in the set of leadership in Nigeria as a country, lives could have not been what It is today. Please sir I do appreciate you and pray that God should protect you and grant unto you more wisdom, insight and understanding to keep on running your good works..

I do pray that God will make me to be able to do more of what you are doing in the steemalive community and in any place that I find myself.

When you come to engagement you will see that the steemalive community don't joke with engagement. In few month from now, the kind of individual that steemalive will be producing can overcome any writings challenge in the Nigeria.

So I plead that this application should be granted not by any other qualifications but if is for only the fact that the community a community that support promotion with a high level and engagement is our second name...

 2 years ago 

You have made a number of great notes here. What more can I say, but a big thank you for always believing in us. You have done a great deal in Asaba, although you have faced lots of challenges. We can accomplish more if we continue to work together like this. Thank you so much @caleb-marvel

 2 years ago 

Thanks sir, I so appreciate you sir..

This is a credential that is highly respected when compared with other communities and amongst Steemians from Nigeria. A lot has been ongoing on the platform since it's inception, though I'm new but I have come across some of them.

I believe @steemalive has what it takes to be one of the hosts for the engagement challenge where Steemians from other communities would come to.

I can't wait to see SteemAlive host the contest, while I participate in it 😊😊

 2 years ago 

@janeo42. Thank you so much for your positive and kind words. We are really out to assist you and other newbies more. We cant wait to jump on the opportunity to run contests for the engagement challenge. We hope to be selected. Thank you for supporting our application

Thank you too Sir for all you have done for the community and what you are trying to achieve by applying for the challenge hosting.

Hopefully, the application would be approved. 💪💪

Steemalive community is a great community that doesn't joke with engagement. I hope this application should be accepted

 2 years ago 

Thank you for your kind support. We hope to be selected and given an opportunity. Thanks @mesola

For sure

 2 years ago (edited)

Outside steemalive community I have learnt how important is engagement on steemit platform .

That , mainly in relation to post reading and meaningful commenting and as well as possible support through upvoting .

And here in steemalive post engagement have been prioritized . In such ways among others , remain daily top5 post initiated here in steemalive .

In which the leader's here have been often relates to members that , engagement on post published is the main way out for success .

So , what learnt ? Since engagement had been initiated in steemit and replicated by steemalive . Personally hope that , steemit would want steemalive to get continuing on deed of engagement by looking into the application .

Thank to steemit and steemalive community among others .

 2 years ago 

@sureway044. Than you so much for supporting our community in this application. We really hope to be considered for selection. We will continue to use all the opportunities to support and mentor our members. Continue to improve your publications and you will soon become a success story just like us.

Amen ; thank .

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