Lets have more followers on our Steemit page: Follow for follow. Contest Prize: 30 Tron

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Steemit is like every other social media platform and more. One thing that makes steemit a social media platform is the followers feature. Sadly, we seem to focus more on votes and rewards and seem to forget that we need more followers - and we should follow other people. I have thought about this and decided to create awareness for this feature of Steemit with this contest. Maybe @steemitblog will have more ideas of how we can make this a bigger campaign on Steemit.

Its really sad to see many accounts have very little followers. Well that removes the element of pride which we usually see in other social media platforms. When you hear of influencers and other popular people boost of their social media followers, then you think that we are missing something here. Well, lets create awareness for this and see how we can increase the number of followers for our pages.


The Campaign

As briefly described above, the very essence of this campaign is to increase the number of followers on our accounts. We are starting small on SteemAlive, but I hope that this campaign grows bigger than on just one community. I encourage everyone to support the campaign so that we can all have a large number of followers we can be proud of.

How to follow anyone

For the sake of newbies, I will explain how to follow an account. Its very easy. First of all, let me show you that I currently have 1518 followers as you can see that in the screenshot below.


Method 1: On the persons page

Step You can follow an account by going to their page. To follow me @focusnow, go to my page below: https://steemit.com/@focusnow/posts. On top of my page, click the follow button.

Click to go to my page

Method 2: On the persons post

Step: Click on any persons's username found on their post to reveal a small box. Then click follow. See image below.



Join the Contest

Do you wish to have more followers, then join this contest. You will even win Tron as prize. Here is how to join.

1. Reply this post with a screenshot showing us how many followers you have now.
2. Tell your friends to follow you. Call or text them to follow you fast to help you win.
3. Tag at least 3 persons to join this contest.
4. Make sure to follow @steemalive and @focusnow.

The Prize: 30 Tron

After 7 days, we will announce the winners of this contest. The top 3 users that got the highest number of followers are our winners. Here is how we will distribute the prize.

  • 1st Position: 15 Tron
  • 2nd Position: 10 Tron
  • 3rd Position: 5 Tron

At the end of the contest, we will make a post and you will show your followers screenshot when we started and after the contest. We will see how many followers you got and reward you accordingly.



We want to rapidly increase the number of followers on our pages. We can really brag that we have many persons following our account. Lets make Steemit a proper social media platform. It can even be used to do promotion and bring in more users when we show them how many followers we have.

Kindly remember to follow back anyone that followers you. Lets grow our followers together. Shall we?


Hola, muchas gracias por la invitación.

Gracias por la invitacion.

 2 years ago (edited)


Omo I never even start ooooo,I don't have any hope at all
I've followed the above mentioned people, please do well to return the favor 🙏

 2 years ago 

You forgot to tell us how many followers you already have now. Screenshot it so that I can follow you

 2 years ago 

I forgot ooooo, I've done it

@focusnow - even after my screen shot, you did not follow my link? What actually are you people up to? You will do well to explain to me.

 2 years ago 

This is another interesting contest. We don't even think is important as you have highlighted it now. Followers is one the thing that make social media platform a sweet one.


My followers and those that am following

I invite @okere-blessing, @preciuos123, @yimzyemazor, @divineeko to join this contest.

 2 years ago 

This is wow. Am coming. Thanks ma.

 2 years ago 

Welcome. Reach out to your friends and invite them to follow you

 2 years ago 

Ok sir. Thanks

 2 years ago 

I will like to invite
to join the contest.

Woa! This idea is too creative.

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 2 years ago 

Followed you please do same

Acknowledged. Thanks @emmanu the vibrancy you have brought into steemit is encouraging. Keep the flag flying!

 2 years ago 

But am still waiting for you to follow back

 2 years ago (edited)

It's follow for follow. I've followed these accounts please follow back

It is good to follow this road map @focusnow. From all indications it will go a long way to add shore up the steemit operations and be able to see and shoulder to shoulder with other Social Media platforms.

Every stakeholders would do well to que up. It's the right thing to do.

 2 years ago 


I have 6 followers.
Please follow me, I promise to follow back immediately.
I specially want to invite
@precious123 @cinnymartins and @okere-precious to Join the contest.

 2 years ago 

Try to follow people. Then ask them to return the favor

 2 years ago 


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