Learn with Steem: I successfully listed Aba Steemit training center on Google Map. Here is how to do it.

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Google has a lot of products and services that help business get more audience and find more customers. One of the that service is called Google My Business. Through this service, local businesses can be enlisted in a Google business directory so that they can appear on Google search results anytime people search. Unfortunately, Google recently announced that they are discontinuing the service, and instead will Merge it with Google Maps.

So few hours ago, I decided to enlist our Aba Steemit training center in Google Maps. I was able to successfully do that. So I decided to make this tutorial so that Steemians that have their own businesses can enlist and be discovered in Google search results. Before I go on with this tutorial, Let me answer the important question below.


Why should I enlist my business with Google Maps

Like I said, the original service is called Google My Business. But now, it is merged with Google maps. So why should I submit my business to Google Maps? Here are two big reasons:

1. Create a Business Profile online: Buying and selling have moved from physical shops to online. If you have a shop or office at a street or road, that is a physical presence. Customers that pass through that area may know your business and patronize you. While many still buy things offline, online shopping is now very popular.

Thousands of your potential customers spend more time online than offline. Social media and mobile apps have caused a sharp increase in the number of people that stay online and the amount of time they spend there. So if your business does not have an online presence, it simply does not exist online. So when you submit your business to Google Maps, you are able to create an online presence for your business. It simply means that your business exists and can be found online. That is very important in this modern time. So one of the easiest and most effective ways to create an online profile for your business is through Google Maps.

2. Find more customers and be found: Like I said earlier, your customers are now spending more time online than off it. So if your customers are already online, then take your business online. Many people use Google to search for different things. That includes using Google to find where they can buy goods or obtain useful services. So to help your business stay visible where your customers are, then you need to take it online.

One beautiful thing about getting listed on Google Maps is that your business will appear on all Google search products. You business will also appear when people search for your Address or your street. Additionally, potential customers can get your contacts, see product samples and even locate your physical shop through Google map. So there is an overwhelming reason why you need to submit your business to Google Maps.

3. Get Valuable Feedback from Customers: When your business is on Google Maps,it can be reviewd by customers. This review is valuable as it gives you insight into how customers feel about your business, products or services. If you obtain many positive reviews, more customers will like be moved to do business with you. If you have so many negative reviews, then you know its time to improve what you are doing.

4. Announce your business Schedule: Google Maps help you to get customers informed about your business schedule. For example, you can put your business days and time. You can let customers know when you open or close, and if you are available during certain holidays. A lot of information about your business is submitted through Google maps.

The above and more are reasons why your business should be found online through Google Maps. I finally was able to submit our Steemit training Center to Google and it was accepted. I got a mail for Google in that regard. So our training Center at 208 Azikiwe Road Aba, will start to appear on Google Search results in the next 24 hours.

So let me demonstrate how to submit a business to Google maps.


How to Submit your business to Google maps

Step 1: Open Google Maps mobile app and click Contribute. See Image below.


Step 2 On the new page, click Add Place. Then fill the form that opens next. Enter the name of your business in the box labelled Place name. Next select Category. Then enter the Address and Click Add More Details. Check the image below.


Step 3: On this page, you can add more details about the business such as days and hours they operate, Images of the business, contact phone number and other things. You can see the image below


Step 4: Once you are through with editing the business hours and adding images, you have to click the Save button. Then once all relevant data has been filled correctly, you click Submit. The place will be submitted successfully. Check image below


You will receive a mail if your business profile was accepted by Google. They will inform you that in 24 hours, the profile you created will start to appear on Google Maps and online search results. You can see the congratulatory messages I got both on Google maps and my email below.




The benefits of getting listed on Google is many. Your business cannot afford to stay offline and miss the huge opportunity of getting more exposure and potential customers online. That is what Google Maps will do for your business. Try it out and let me know if you were successful.

Note: All screenshots are mine


Amazing and well understood tutorial @focusnow Sir.

I thought you need some registration or to buy a form from Google.

I have come to learn how it's done from this your tutorial.

I'm gonna try it.

Thanks for the teaching, I've really learned with Steem.

Speaking of details, your post is an exam on what steemians should imitate using their innovative mind. Taking your business only is a huge expansion step, it will indeed grow sales.

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Team #Sevengers

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My business is online and offline but never take time to establish the one online, you have reminded me something big and important through this post, i am going into update my business now and help as many as I can to take it serious not just putting the business in Google map

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Nice tutorial sir. I was enlightened...

Wow you did a great job, now our office can be easily located because goggle map helps to locate any firm despite the area it is located, I have also learned how to attach my business to Google map by following the steps you listed. weldone brotherly.

A great development indeed. A proof that steemit Aba Smart Training Centre is on top of the game.

@kaduru61: The rest of us steemians are by this singular gesture to que up and be relevant in the new dispensation.

Is it only on my personal business i can try this?

A good development indeed. As usual, steemit Aba Smart office is no doubt a rallying point to boost our business activities and allied services. Hopefully, I will leave no stone unturned to making it a one stop point - @kaduru61

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