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Everyone wants to get support from the top account on Steemit - steemcurator01(SC01). Many try to do that by tagging or mentioning SC01. That is very wrong and has been repeatedly discouraged. SC01 has a lot of work to do - checking abuses and curation are two very resource-intensive work it does. Tagging SC01 in your posts diverts its attention unnecessarily from the important work it should be doing.

We surely appreciate success tips and survival secrets from the SC01 account. Many users have noticed that the SC01 account does not make posts. So how do we gain valuable insights and sometimes, even important updates from SC01? It is by:

  • Frequenting checking the comment page of SC01

This article will examine why this is an open secret many would not be willing to share with you.


Why You should always check SC01 comment page

Already, you know that the comment page is where you find a users comments on other people's posts. By checking this page, you can track a user's discussions with other users on this platform. SC01 like every other account comments on posts. Those valuable comments usually contain suggestions or instructions that can be valuable to every user on this platform.

I check the comment page of SC01 daily. I discovered that the comments it drops on other users posts can expose one to a lot of things. Most importantly, it usually contains do's and dont's that are essential to your growth here on the platform. Besides that, you will also see comments on interesting projects, dolphin posts congratulatory comments, interesting proposals, and many other things. It becomes obvious now that each time you visit the SC01 comment page, you will definitely discover a gem.

For the interest of newbies, I will show how to visit the SC01 comment page.


How to check SC01 comment page

There are many ways to visit a comment page of any account. I will now demonstrate at least two ways to check the SC01 page.

Method 1: Visit the SC01 page and click on comments to view the comments page. See image below.


Method 2: You can just go straight to the comment page by clicking this link:

Either of these two methods will take you to the SC01 comments page so you can read the comments and learn. Most times, I do not just read the comment, I check the article it commented on, especially when its about a do or dont. That's a great way to learn and gain valuable insight.

To show that visiting the SC01 comment page is something you should do everyday, here are some important insight I gained from some of its most recent comments.


Check out SC01 5 recent comments

I will just select 5 randome comments made by SC01 in the last 3 days and see what can be learned from those comments. Check them out below:

Comment 1

Comment Source

Insights from Comment 1

  • Always check your spellings: Before you publish a post, be sure to read it over again and again to manually check for spelling mistakes. Or, you can use a tool like Grammarly to automatically run through your article and check spelling errors.

  • Content is king: Make sure your articles are detailed. The minimum word length is 300 words. But it is difficult to do a detailed article in 300 words. So try to go beyond that. While its not so much about word length, many quality articles usually have more words in them than less.

  • Image Quality: Not about having many images in a post, but about the quality of your images. Each image should have the right size and orientation. They should be clear and properly placed in context. Do not use the same images in several posts. And Please always put a caption or description under each image. If the image is a location, always add What3words location coordinate under it.

  • Formatting is important: Always use markdown to make your work look nice. The basic one is justify alignment and centered headings. Additionally, you presentation style should be properly structured with headings, paragraphs and - again captioned images placed in context.


Comment 2

Comment Source

Insights from Comment 2

  • Stop tagging steemcurator01: Like it has repeatedly been warned, you should not tag steemcurator01 in your posts or comments. Its a lot of distraction and wouldnt earn you any votes. Its better to tag your mentor, community moderator or country CR. And yet, its bad to tag unnecessarily. Only tag your leaders when its necessary to do so. Again, Never tag steemcurator01!


Comment 3

Comment Source

Insights from Comment 3

  • Club200: Club200 is possible isn't it? Not officially out yet. But you will earn big votes if you do it. Please check the comment that SC01 replied.


Comment 4

Comment Source

Insights from Comment 4

  • Always vote with your account: Apart from supporting or rewarding authors with your vote, it also increases your CSI count. So please make it your culture to always vote the post you commented on. Voting is part of the reward system on Steemit


Comment 5

Comment Source

Insights from Comment 5

  • Dont abuse the club tag: If you use any of the club tags incorrectly, thats abuse and it is frowned upon. Use club100 if you have not made any transfers and powered up all your earnings in the last 3 months from current date. Club75 is used if you powered up 75% of your earnings in the last two months and club5050 is used if you powered at least half of your earnings in the last one month.



SC01 does not make posts, but it does leave helpful comments on the many posts it checks. So why not give yourself an opportunity to grow by checking the comments page of SC01 daily. If you do, you will find yourself playing ahead of competition. Ofcourse, you will give yourself a chance to be supported by SC01 as you implement the suggestions.

Note: The Steemit team publishes important updates using the steemitblog account. If you can also check the account periodically, you wont miss important imformation meant for everyone on Steemit. You can see the link to the page below, thanks.

Who can guess what #club200 will be...

I think this is simply powering up double of your earnings through steem purchase and Author rewards.
For example:
Steem earned over a period (author rewards) = Steem purchased in same period, all powered up. 😊

Thank you 😊

 2 years ago 

@steemcurator01. I guess it should not just be a doubling of club100. I guess it should include a new dimension to powering up, such using fiat to buy Steem. So here is my complete guess :

  • User should power up everything for 4 - 5 months and make no transfers. Then user should buy 50 -70% of steem equivalent to author rewards within the period, from any exchange and power up.

Note: Adding purchase of steem from exchanges and powering up over a long period like 4 to 5 months will surely create a certain scarcity of steem, assuming many people will do that. That would contribute to a healthier price of steem in the crypto market.

Yes - club200 would be taking it to the next level by purchasing STEEM from exchanges.

That is what STEEM really needs to grow in price - more people buying it.

Buying STEEM, burning STEEM - those two actions are what will make the price of STEEM go up !

 2 years ago 

Beautiful. Those are what we will expand on and encourage everyone to participate. We have interesting updates from the Steem Business Directory by weekend. A few businesses we met as a test-run have responded positively to investing in Steem.

Big things start small

I totally agree with the #club200 initiative, I haven't withdrawn the rewards I got for almost 1 year and I did all power ups, I also really agree with the #all4null initiative, where at least 1 post a week we share all rewards for @null so that the price steem can rise, these two initiative must be realized quickly and I beg you to give support you must pay attention to someone's club status to be fair, people with #club100 status must get greater support than #club75 and #club5050, and you must pay attention to the power up and power down history from someone, support people who support steem... together we will revive steem, BRAVO STEEMIT

We do...

I beg you to give support you must pay attention to someone's club status to be fair,

Look forward to seeing big purchases of STEEM 😀

I totally agree with the #club200 initiative,

Thank you very much for your attention sir... Together we can make steem great again

It will be a great experiment, I will really want to see how this goes. This is something everyone should try. Let me start plans for my own purchase. 💪💪💪

Good job👍

Steemit team definitely check your post, trust it. So you can't ask the team to view posts like this. Avoid such actions.

Thank you..

I read all ideas until now. While developing projects to increase the value of Steem, the added value that Steemit's authors who produce quality content in the ecosystem should not be ignored. We do not want decreased interest in Steemit as a result of the ideas that are excitedly put forward to attract attention. Therefore, they must be evaluated in a multi-directional way.

I would like to share my humble opinion by adapting the Three Laws of Robotics of "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov, one of the masters of science fiction, to our situation: "Three Laws of Steemit"

1. Projects may not harm Steemians who produce quality content or, through inaction, allow them to leave the platform.

2. Projects must be voiced by Steemians who are creative and have ideas that will add value to Steem, as long as they do not conflict with the First rule.

3. Projects must maintain and increase the value of Steem as long as they do not conflict with the First or Second rule.

Wow! Buy and burn immediately! This is a really attractive alternative that pulls the investor with way too much money to the Steem!

This action is very good for the future value of Steem, for me and all users who want to invest for a long time with Steem, this will not be a problem. the question is Is this good for the Steem blogging ecosystem? I feel like there will be a setback in terms of the number of users. the burn25 or even burn50 initiative sounds more suitable for users, instead direct them to club200.

I'm more inclined to SC01 encourage users to post their actions buying Steem from the exchange, and take advantage of the Steemgrowth team curation. this will be your review to be able to renew the policy with club200. this is advice, not a matter of fighting back. because for me the club200 sounds suitable for increasing the value of Steem in the future and can be tried out, but we also have to look at the readiness from the user's point of view.

I completely agree with you, I am concerned about the quality of the blogs since I have seen that it has been lost, although the initiative is good, they should focus more on the quality of the blogs that have been made and more on those that will be made in the # club200

 2 years ago 

You are right @focusnow. You just made a nice point. I Wish all users can do that. Because it will help both Steem ecosystem and it's members

#club200? Look at the examples that have been powering up for five, six years. Who? Just take a look! These are users who have understood the meaning of the Steem!
Oh, sorry, I forgot something: You get one slime point. You have already earned it for a long time... 😊

Hurray, hurray, praise God sc01 every day....

 2 years ago 

I think #club200 will mean powering up all my earnings and purchasing equivalent steem to my earnings and also power it up.
Thank you boss

Spot on. That would be the plan for #club200.

 2 years ago (edited)

Wow, that word impossible do not exist in my life, we can do it, just all for steem growth and more value.

Thank you boss

 2 years ago 

Impressive to see friends talking about purchasing steem and powering up. I seriously believe it will do us more good than harm @beautybb

 2 years ago 

Exactly because am thinking it will bring more value to steem market

Powering up 2x of what is expected of club100. Powering up double of your earnings over a period of atleast 6 months. Earnings can either be completely powered up for such period or doubling power-ups through external steem purchase. Hope I'm Correct 🙈.

 2 years ago 

I love the external steem purchase idea. It pulls steem out of the exchanges and locked up in steem power. I seriously believe that if many people are doing that over times, the price of steem might do well due to the demand. What do you think of that @xkool24

Yes, that's the idea. Scarcity relative to demand and supply issues are the main determinants of steem value at every point in time.

Steem purchase removes excess supply in exchanges and hence increases demand which as well increases its value.

Thanks boss

 2 years ago 

The way you arrange your English sweet me die, hahahaha. Thank you sir @xkool24

Thanks boss, your boy is loyal always 🙌

 2 years ago 

I really appreciate your view. And I agree with you. Still waiting to hear more from other users

Thank you dear. Thanks for the concurrence.

 2 years ago 

Wow, this would be superb for anyone that could possibly do it.

It is a very nice initiative, constant power up in 6months.
I was also thinking about converting our earned trx to steem power.

I really love this initiative and I will greatly encourage anyone who can join to join.

We all have one goal on steemit and that is for everyone to smile and I believe that this club200 is a very great idea.

Kudos to the initiator of this wonderful idea and I think #club200 should be given a try with immediate effect.

We keep planting our seeds everywhere for we do not know which would grow but we strongly believe that at least one of our seeds will grow and make everyone smile again.

 2 years ago 

@jueco. you have made really a great submission. What I like about your suggestion is that you included trx, although I would have loved to keep trx out of it due to its low value, plus we use it to buffer the effects of powering up most of our steem.

Have you thought about encouraging purchase of steem from exchanges and powering up?

 2 years ago 

Yes purchasing steems from exchanges is a great idea but I am also considering those that solely depend on steemit to make a living.

The cash they have is still gotten from steemit asides those that uses steemit as a sidegig, however it's still a very wonderful suggestion.

Our fingers remain crossed as all suggestions can only be kick-started by the steemit team.

We hope for the very best of steem economy, we believe that steem will get to and surpass it's previous all time high of $8.

 2 years ago 

Sure. Ofcourse no single plan will suit all. But if this is what will push steem to $8 or beyond, everyone would be happy to support it, whether we do steem part time or full time

 2 years ago 

Ok, it's an awesome idea, let's wait for feedback from the steemit team.

What do you think about #burnsteem50 and #burnsteem75.

There is this project that is always done in this community, you call it #all4one, I was thinking if such can be initiated by the steemit team.

We can actually dedicate at least 2 of our posts to @null, we do this by setting @null a 100% beneficiary, this should help too.

Although it's just a suggestion and it can be done weekly.
2posts weekly

 2 years ago (edited)

That would be amazing too. Maybe call it #all4null hahhaaha. If the Steemit team approves something like that, we will do it. Burnsteem75 and 100 are great too. I can do 3 quality posts in a day. So. it won't be a big deal for me. It's all left for the Steemit team

 2 years ago 

Okay then, let keep our fingers crossed and wait for the team's response

Only if more people buy more STEEM...

Keep guessing, that's not it for #club200...

 2 years ago 

Well from my analysis, I think if #club5050 could be 50% of your earnings in a month, #club75, 75% of your earnings in 2month and #club100, 100% of your earnings in 3months.

It's only logical that #club200 will be 200% of your earnings in 6months.

Looking at the example of kouba01, he has been in club100 for more than 6months, yet it is inappropriate to say he is in #club200 because he has only powered up 100% of his earnings.

So I guess that #club200 should be powering up your earnings, and also purchasing the same amount of steems you powered up from an exchange, and then power them all up.

That way, you would have powered up 200% of your earnings, but what I can't guess is the time that will be allocated to it.

And concerning the #all4null project, you said it is a nice idea which we all agree, but we still expect it to become official so that all others can follow suite.

It can only be official by your word, all we need to here from you is "let it begin" and it will begin

Look at the examples that have been powering up for five, six years. Who? Just look! These are users who have understood the meaning of the Steem!
Oh, sorry, I forgot something: You get one slime point. You have already earned it for a long time... 😊

Hurray, hurray, praise God sc01 every day....

Well, as I read all the comments I thought #club200 would be powering up all your earnings including TRX for at least 6 months or maybe one year. But to join this we have to buy Steem it doesn't mean like we are doing club5050, 75 or 100. Because club100 means we are powering all the Steem we earned not including TRX in it. For #club200 we have to buy Steem from binance or other sources that will increase the value of Steem and crypto traders on steemit too. We have power up double of our earning.

By converting TRX we would be able to also add value to Steem's price. We can buy SBD too from other crypto exchanges as we get more steem when we convert SBD into Steem. Like on steemit in our post payout we get less Steem but if we get SBD instead of Steem then we will get much more steems by exchanging SBDs. I hope this project works well if initiated by you and the steemit team.

 2 years ago (edited)

Logically speaking I think it's has to do with powering up all rewards, for at least complete 6 month without any type of withdrawal.

Analysing it, I think it's a nice idea, as long as it would make positive impact on the Blockchain and the price of steem.

I also think that it will make more steemians look forward to powering up much of their rewards, my reasons is before the Club Idea a lot of people withdraw steadily from steemit without caution , they tends to ignore it's effects on steem price but since the club Idea so many people have made it a duty to power up steadily.

Thanks for supporting the steem Blockchain with innovative ideas, we all hope to see steem take back it's position in the crypto market. Just know I am with you in this.

Thanks for going through😊

 2 years ago 

@starrchris. You have made a great contribution. Before the clubs came, I was not having more than 3500 Sp, but today, its amazing how much we can save in such a short time. Club200 will surely be massive for all that will participate. I cant wait

Still not on target for #club200.

 2 years ago 

I believe #club200 would involve powering up all rewards for a period of 6 months or setting users post to 100% SP for a period of 6 months.

 2 years ago 

@samuel20. Great idea just like some have suggested. I use to wonder how purchasing steem with fiat and powering up would affect the price of Steem positively or negatively

 2 years ago 

I use to wonder how purchasing steem with fiat and powering up would affect the price of Steem positively or negatively

It would be great. However, only a handful of users can always do that on a regular.

Hi, good post @focusnow clearly in the last days there are more soft updates on Steemcurator account than the steemitblog one.

I have 2 recommendations about how to run #club200 in a new interesting way.

1- #club200 monthly competitions: instead of doing people invest and invest a lot of dollars every time that they do power up why don’t do a monthly report of the users that bough steem and powered it up? could be like a ranking system like the one I’m using for my weekly engagement report "Make noise". The 5 users that more steem bough could receive large votes + give small votes for the following 15-25 users in the ranking (as long as they are club100 and blogging good content) I saw several, several, really several club100 posting with any markdown, big images and more so please don’t reject the quality for looking a club.

2- More complex solution: Probably this could require a HardFork but what if steemit add a new token/system called very staked steem which is the same like steem power but with the difference that very staked steem can’t be powered down in any way so it is irreversible. People could powerup 25% to very staked steem and 25% to steem power to start. #clubalwaystaked😱

 2 years ago 

Greetings Boss, I guess #club200 will be the best way to make Steem scarce in the market. I mean, if we can power up for 6 months with no withdrawals, it will definitely shoot the price of Steem.

So, I guess #club200 is Powering up for six months without withdrawals. Instead of setting 25% to @null, club #200 will do the Job.

 2 years ago 

Hello @steemcurator01

Well I think users will have to power up more steem within a smaller timeframe.

Usually to attain club100 you have to power up all your earnings for 3 months straight, so for club200 I think users will have to power up all their earnings for 6 months which is the double of of the current 3 months duration for club100.

So since we doubling we will have 2x of club100 which is club200.

I hope I was close 😅😅😅

 2 years ago 

@whitestallion. This makes sense considering how the timeframe of the current clubs work. I have been thinking though, about purchasing steem from exchanges and powering up

 2 years ago 

Hello @steemcurator01

I guess #club200 will be for steemains who have not done any out going transaction from thier wallet for the past 6 months.

To the users who are commenting that #club200 might be powering up your total earnings for 6 months. A lot of users have been doing this already, infact I have been in #club100 for the past 9 months now. So I believe thats not the case.

According to my understanding, I believe for #club200 you'll have to power up your post payouts completely. And how would we do that? We'll power up the TRX as well, by converting them into steem, transferring it to our steemit account here and then powering it up. Honestly I have been thinking over it and intend on doing it as well. What say everyone?

 2 years ago 

Waooh. You have been powering up for 9 months? Thats massive. Then it wont be a big deal for you to join club200. I really appreciate what you have been doing. I wish I can do like you @huzaifanaveed1

Hurray, hurray, praise God sc01 every day....

 2 years ago (edited)

In my opinion, i think #club200 has to do with setting your post payout to 100% power up for the next 6 months. This means that all your post for the next 6 months will be paying in SP directly.

 2 years ago 

Not a bad idea @simonnwigwe. That way there would be more SP than leaving the rewards 50/50 right? Would adding purchase of steem with fiat and powering up add value to the price of Steem?

Sure it will because it will reduce the amount in the exchange making it scarce

I think #club200 will be for the whole hearted steemians who are willing to power up for 12 months all their earnings there by helping to spike up the price of steem in the market

 2 years ago 

Woaooah!!! 12 months?? It might not be possible for a whole year. Many are feeding from Steemit. How would such poeple survive? I think 4-6 months will be better off

Yes ,it will certainly be the game of few who has strong determination and not for the faint hearted

 2 years ago 

@yimzyemazor. 12 months? Waoooh. That would be the stuff of champions. Interesting idea too. We see how it goes.

Yes boss it may not be easy but certainly at the earn it wud worth it lets all watch and see how this new club will come out

I think so far those who have never given power down and are constantly associated with Club100 in between last 6 months.

 2 years ago 

Let me guess

Since club100 is for members who haven't made any transfers and powered up all their earnings from the last three months to the current date, club200 might be for members who will not withdraw their earnings for 6 months to current date and equally power all up too. 🤔

 2 years ago 

Hahahaha, we all are guessing the Same thing. I wish steemcurator01 will give us the final answers. We are ready to do anything to help our dear platform and ourselves grow.

 2 years ago (edited)

Yes, you are right. As laymen, we can only guess what we think is the correct answer, following the pattern of club50 to club100. I wish our answers will be right. 😉

We are ready to do anything to help our dear platform and ourselves grow.

Very much ready oo, since about 6 months I joined I have been able to maintain club100 because I see my earnings as an investment which I will enjoy in the future. So if club200 is exactly what we all think it is, then automatically I have qualified to be a member , what do you think @focusnow?

 2 years ago 

I really appreciate your idea and it makes sense given the current structure of the clubs. What do you think about attracting external investment - such as by encouraging purchase of steem feom exchanges and powering up

 2 years ago 

You are most welcome

What do you think about attracting external investment - such as by encouraging purchase of steem feom exchanges and powering up

It is a great idea and will help in making steem coin grow.
The Steem Directory/ Sell More projects which @steemalive community had already started is a good strategy in actualizing this.

 2 years ago 

I think that club200 is not just powering up all earnings for a period of 6 months but,

  • powering up all earnings for the period of 3 - 6 months,
  • setting at least, 1 - 2 of your posts 100% to @null per weekand lastly,
  • bringing in a certain number of investors into steemit.

I totally agree with the #club200 initiative. Because it was invited through you. I have never cashed out of my account in my steemit life. Instead I invested more than half of my power in steem. I want the market price of steem to improve. I always agree with the steemit team.

Best regards from me 💞

Great piece of information. Stuff we easily overlook. Thanks for drawing our attention.

 2 years ago (edited)

@xkool24. Thanks for dropping by boss. it helps a lot to look at those comments

I commend your passion for this job. You have our interest at heart. You give us necessary information that will make us grow. What will I do to move up to club75 or hundred?

 2 years ago 

@chikaeli. First, you have to power up your earnings. Then you have to check when you are up to 2 months on the platform for club75 or 3 months for club100

Thank you very much for your useful post!

 2 years ago (edited)

This is awesome and educative

I've actually checked out steemcurator01's comment section and what I've seen there is really helpful.
l actually thought that tagging 01 is way of drawing his attention to your post but I've now understood that it's a form of distraction which isn't acceptable

 2 years ago 

This post is very useful. I love it. Thanks so much for the update. Seriously I have not been checking SC1 Comment page. But from today, I will make it my priority.

 2 years ago 

This is a great input but if i may ask how can one join #club200 because am out to do anything it takes to get support.

 2 years ago 

Hahahahaha. I wanted you and other readers to follow the discussion. Open that particular comment and then click view the direct parent link so as to see what led to the comment. @beautybb. Its surely best to be the pioneer for Steem growth projects

 2 years ago 

Exactly the pioneer spirit working in me

 2 years ago 

Lets push for Steem growth. Lets lead from the front. Lets do more!!!! @beautybb

 2 years ago 

This is a great Insight to everyone that will read this post. I love reading SC01 comment all the time as it helps me to know what to do but have not take it seriously as something i can do daily by checking his comment on his page.

One thing I appreciate about SC01 comment is that it helps so much. He gives correction, counseling and make the inexperience wise on steemit

Checking the rules


Checking Post Quality

Compliance with Topic2.2/2.5
Use of Markdown2.2/2.5
Spelling and Grammar2.3/2.5
Content Depth2.1/2.5
 2 years ago 

There are many reasons to check it daily. The most important one is that you will get updates ahead of everyone else. @ijelady. Thank you for rating my work.

Hurray, hurray, praise God sc01 every day....

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

@ This post came at a time when it was most needed. Thanks for always going out of your way to source information that will be helpful to every member of this wonderful community.
The tips are well digested and will be implemented.

 2 years ago 

Thanks so much @luchyl. You have always been forward with out projects and proposals. You are horning your leadership qualities

 2 years ago 

I'm humbled by your kind words, thank you.

 2 years ago 

@luchyl. Can we see before the week runs out? I want to record a jingle and start playing it in your station. We need to see, so we can discuss on that ahead of next week

Reading sc01 comments everyday got me here. I really like how "they" make a lot of comments, especially long ones now. Always enjoyable to read and full of educative stuff... criticisms, ridicules, the screaming at people who tag them unnecessarily!! It's fun to read them all, to me.

 2 years ago 

Its really so much fun. @eosxiomara. Newbies would ddefinitely learn a lot from it. Besides, it gives you valuable updates before it becomes popular. I cant miss checking the comments daily. Stuff of growth

Hurray, hurray, praise God sc01 every day....

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