A milestone Achieved! Steemit training center in Aba City, Nigeria - plus my other targets for 2021 as a CR.

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I am thrilled to announce that we have secured a standard training and mentorship center for Steemit in the city of Aba, Abia State Nigeria. We lost the use of our former center when the property was sold last year. Ever since then, we had struggled to hire a new place as it was difficult to get a place that is located at or near the city center. But fortunately we where able to get this place and make all necessary payments including the rent, legal fee, agent fee and security fee. The center is located at a popular street in Aba city - 208 Azikiwe Road, Aba Abia State, Nigeria.

Because the facility has not been in use since November 2020, it accumulated a lot of dust and needs major cleaning work. I was able to get two volunteers from SteemAlive community to help us with scrubbing the floor and making it dust free. We are so grateful to @mesonia and @ngobaby for doing the cleaning work for us. The images below show them doing the work

After the cleaning, we had to install some partitions to create a consultation area and the training space proper. So we employed the services of a carpenter who was able to install 2 partitions for us. It was not an easy job as he completed the installation yesterday being Saturday, after working for two days.

What else needs to be done?

The painter will start tomorrow Monday 5/4/2021. The 3D wallpaper installer will also start his work tomorrow too. We will purchase seats, a projector machine, a power generating set and other equipments needed to make the center a suitable place to mentor newbies about Steemit.

Why do we need a training center?

As a community that is is fully geared towards recruitment and mentoring of newbies, a center for doing this training is very important. It serves as a contact point for all new people and also for our marketing efforts. We can easily direct people to the center for mentorship. Additionally, we are looking to bring in investors. These potential investors are usually not willing to do business with any organization that has no physical presence in the city. A center like this, which doubles as an office too, will go a long way in raising the image of Steemit in Aba city as a global brand.

What else are my targets for 2021 besides the center?

  • A solid Community trailAs a country rep, i have set my sights on achieving great goals. My biggest goal to be achieved by December 2021, is to build a large, self-sustaining community which can stand on its own. SteemAlive currently have the second most popular curation trail with 250 folowers and we are trying to raise the number of followers and the amount of SP invested in each account. My target is for the community to vote with at least $20 by year end - currently our trail is voting at $5.
    I also want to have at least 1000 active users and investors from Nigeria by or before the end of 2021

  • More active users: There are many inactive users from Nigeria and this is partly because of inability to receive reasonable earnings from their posts. Many simply grow weak when they see no reasonable votes on their posts for a long time. We want to be able to sustain many, especially newbies. So in addition to the support from booming, a reasonable curation trail can be useful in being able to support as many people as there are in the community.

  • Create a local Usecase for Steem: I want to reach out to businesses and see how we can encourage them to accept steem payments. This would be a huge project which we plan to start from the large community we are building. Many of our members are already local business owners. Others have skills that could be exchanged for steem. So in the nearest future, I and a few members will look at the possiblity of setting up a platform that will enable use of steem as a means of exchange for services rendered or goods bought. We look for ward to that in the nearest future.

Images from the center

The facility being washed and mopped by @mesonia and @ngobaby

The facility being washed and mopped by @mesonia and @ngobaby

@val123 came to visit on Saturday and had this selfie with @focusnow

More weekend Visitors - @whitestallion, @kadosh2340 - selfie with @focusnow

Thursday visitor @sammylinks took a selfie with @focusnow


My being active on the platform has been affected by the projects on hand, but Once the center becomes operation likely by this weekend, I will resume full activity as usual.

I want to thank @steemcurator01 and @stephenkendal for supporting steemalive and projects we run within the community. We hope to get bigger, better and take Steem to the moon.

Written by @focusnow.


I truly affirm to every inch of the word stated above. The truth remains in as much as we battle within ourselves as content writer to avoid plagiarism, we do still need the appreciation of reasonable votes on a well-structured content. Most newbies drop off because their posts ain't been curated and felt they were selling their ideas or inspiration to someone who ain't paying for it. I truly believe strongly in the visions and missions of this great Community @steemalive because they've proven reliable, supportive, growth, energetic and most of all loving. The pioneer of this great Community @focusnow has a commendable character with visions of pushing this community and steemit to a large point.
Thank you for reading

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 last year 

Your visit on Saturday was a valuable addition to the contributions you have already made for the community. Thank you so much for proving so supportive. Together, we can achieve greater heights @kadosh2340

Thanks for your efforts. We are solidly behind you. We will help you to achieve your goals.

Nice goals you have sir im really impressed at your work;i will visit the center soon sir ...keep up the good works☺

 last year 

We can't wait to have you around @solar-star. Thank you for providing a temporary meeting point ever since we were looking for this facility.

You are welcomed😊

Nice one sir Ur limit is above the sky

 last year 

@nkoyana. Your positive words a truly appreciated. We will try to achieve great things as we work together with one mind

Good work sir, am sure this will surely move steemAlive and steem generally forward and people who attend training will know how to go about steemit better. And I must add this it will reduce the rate of unemployment and expose people to the world of cryptocurrency especially steem.

 last year 

@loveth01. We hope the center will be a place to learn about the opportunities on Steemit and more. Thank you for kind words.

@focusnow you are a real leader and that Saturday we meet am so happy to see you.
I true believe that we will achieve our target before the end of this year.

 last year 

@val123. Thank you so much for coming around. Your visit was a big motivation and we are sure to achieve great things in the city through this project

Nice one sir

This is amazing. Thank you @focusnow for this development. I can't wait to visit when next I'm in Aba.

You have always shown perfection and focus in all you do. Your goals are well stated, and it's obvious achieving them is sure with your drive. My little support and motivation will always be made available...🙌

This views are so encouraging ....we would attain that height in no tym ....

Honestly I must that you are doing a tremendous work in keeping steemalive an active community @focusnow, your business mindset will be beneficial to us and hopefully we would achieve all that this year . The works that you have done is wonderful. A special thanks to the wonderful ladies that made out time to be there in the washing and the gentlemen for visiting. Hopefully with this center, more active users will be registered in Steemit.

This is beautiful @focusnow I love the effort and please I wish to join the whataspp group. What's the way forward to it. Thanks for the the prompt reply @iykewatch is loyal

Oh this is so amazing... It's a big relief to know we have a training center like this in Aba..

Truly am excited about this... It looks really good and formal enough for a good work...

I trust I'll be visiting soon.... Well done @Focusnow..

Wow,! You are really doing a great work sir
More grace

Отличная работа!

Very impressive project. Your doggedness in pursuing these goals is commendable. A training center is very important at this point that members are increasing and need to have an offline presence as well. It's been a long time I visited Aba. Maybe this would take me there. Kudos @focusnow, you are doing well.

 last year 

Wow this is great.The new centre is spacious and roomy.Using Steem as a mode of payment would add more value to the price of Steem in the long run.

@steemalive will also get more members courtesy of the aforementioned developments.

Thank you @focusnow and everyother persons that has played a role in the cleaning and beautiful of the new center.


You are a great leader and more great things are coming from you. I know with you at the helm of affairs those goals shall be met. Carry on Boss.

That's a Great brilliant initiative and a nice place for holding Steemit conferences.

Keep it up! I hope to visit Nigeria and be a part of one of the future conferences that will be held in that place.

Now, we will Steem to the world! Na 9ja go hear am first

Great vision @focusnow, the sky is your beginning. Steem to the moon

 last year 

This is a nice initiative boss I really like the way you are toing, the initiative is boom I am really impressed on what @steemAlive have achieved so far. Although I haven't been to the city of #Aba before but because of the project on ground I will visit soon... I love @SteemAlive. Long live boss @focusnow..

That's nice, you have already started the process and with your efforts and that of other steem members there is no doubt you will realize all you have planned to achieve for the year, the Boss @focusnow we all the members of steemalive community are proud of you, ride on we are with you

 last year 

Thank you so.muvh for being a powerful source of motivation. We are really eager to achieve great things together with this Community @gentle101

Nice development. This improvement is awesome

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