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Your decision on who to marry shouldn’t be based on dreams. A marriage proposal must be based on articulated facts — “Are we going in the same direction?” “Do we have the same goals?” God respects your choice, so don’t be afraid to make one.


The truth is "two cannot work together except they agree". "like begets like" allow your spiritual antenna to be on . marriage is more spiritual than physical because is a covenant that is sealed with blood that forms a foetus in the womb of a woman. Find someone with the same believe with you, it's usually easier when you have same believe with sincerity and totally sumission to it.



A Relationship without Respect will lead to abuse.Respect is shown by how a person talks to you, and how they treat you.A person who insults you in public and in private, never considers your opinions, such a person doesn't respect You.Don't stay in a Relationship where you have no Voice. A Relationship/Marriage where you have no voice is a prison and your partner is the jailer .


Wthout trust, a Relationship will give you hypertension.You should not date someone you can't trust, that you don't trust them is a warning sign, ignoring this may not end well, you should not date someone who doesn't trust you, if they don't trust you, you'll always be a suspect in their eyes even when innocent.


A Relationship is not a SOLE-proprietorship but a partnership, never carry one alone.You love them, do they love you?You trust them, do they trust You?You'll die for them, will they die for you?Are you the boo of your boo? A Relationship that is one ended will exhaust you and eventually leave you broken, it's better not to start, believe me, you canor finish it.If you sense the interest, sacrifices and efforts are one sided, for your own good, retreat, it's better to retreat than to proceed and end in regret.



Love as exemplified by Kindness, Care and Sacrifice. Love I know " never ends" if for a little mistake your partner refuses to forgive you don't go about forcing yourself on them, they will act same way even when you marry " love covers all things". If they will only stand by you in good times then know is not love, " love bears all things". If they derives joy in hurting you always know is not love, " love does not enjoy wrong doings"



Question: What is a Relationship without Friendship?
Answer: Civil Service.
A Relationship where you can't joke, you can't be yourself, you can't come back to the person you love and feel happy in their company, that one is a situationship.
Over the years, what will make any Marriage not to become boring and mechanical is Friendship. Always start here, don't jump into commitment when you haven't made sure you both have friendship.Be friends before you become lovers and remain friends after.

  • If in the process of fact finding (courtship), you discover that you cannot go on any further with your partner, because you both disagree on ideas and your expectations do not agree, wisdom demands that you call it quits at that point.
    This where people get it wrong even when they are seeing the danger signs they keep saying words like " we have gone a long way" " we have known for a long time" " we were childhood friends" .

  • Life is best enjoyed when you end with the right person where you find happiness. Love you all in your hunting and waiting smiles!
    Love steemit , love steemalive smiles!!!!



I agree with u when you marry someone out of your believe it takes the grace of God for that marriage to be successful

Thank you sir@basky14

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