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  1. "For love"
    Love is and should be the number one reason you get married. Don't love because you want to get married, marry because you two love each other. Let it be that you love each other so much that marriage is inevitable

  2. "For security"
    Now that you love each other, getting married gives you the licence to lay claim to each other's body, future, dreams, heart, joys and challenges; and child/children, if you are marrying a single parent. A marital commitment gives you the right to build without holding back; marriage being the highest form of commitment and covenant between two people. Secure each other

  3. "For companionship"
    As you mature, you will realize how important it is to have someone to call your own, you will realize that success, the money, the big cars and house don't fill the lonely void in you. What a joy it is to be married to your best friend, the best friend you will grow old with. Whether you have little or much no one likes to be and feel alone

  4. "For support"
    We all desire a helper, someone to give to us, someone to cheer us on, someone to be a fellow team mate, someone to pick us up when we are down, someone to walk with us to our success. Yes, friends and family can be there for us but their support is limited, you will not always be first priority to them since as friends and family grow older they have their own lives to live; but a spouse will be there all the way because you are always first priority to him/her, whatever affects you affects your spouse

  5. "For children"
    We all desire to bring a child into the world in a stable family, a stable family grows out of a stable marriage

  6. "For parenting"
    Parenting is most fulfilling when done with a co-parent. Single parenting is possible but even single parents wish they had a partner to share the joys, struggles, fruits and responsibilities of parenthood with. It feels good to have someone to entrust your child with because he/she has equal stakes in the child, it feels good to have someone who is an interested party to witness how your children are turning out to be, someone to discuss your child's progress with, someone who understands you as a parent, someone who can help you navigate through parenthood

  7. "For growth"
    When two great people unite in marriage, individual and joint growth is inevitable. Iron sharpens iron

  8. "For increase"
    Two are better than one for they have a better reward for their labour. In marriage your wealth increases as you both contribute, love inspires you both to do more, you both contribute ideas that lead to wiser decisions

  9. "For sexual gratification"
    Sex is a beautiful gift. Marriage gives you the right to sex, make love, bang, screw, quickie, scream, moan all you want together as many times as you wish. Being married heightens faithfulness as it is expected of you both that when you want sex you can get it and you don't have to look for pleasure outside

  10. "For focus"
    Married people tend to have more focus compared to single people as they have more to live for. When you have a spouse and family you are accountable to you become more serious, calculated and focused in life

  11. "For emotional release"
    You will need someone to lean on emotionally, someone to be vulnerable to, someone to come home to and tell how you feel; that someone is your spouse. The world may only get to see your strong and smiling side but your spouse gets to see your tears, gets to see you when you are confused or lost in sensual and unexplainable pleasure. You need that emotional release, a spouse is good for your health

  12. "For our human need"
    Accept it or not, inside you is an inner need to love and be loved, the lover in you is calling out for someone to pour all your love to even if in the past the pursuit of love caused you great pain. Marriage gives you the opportunity to do that, to love that one person for the rest of your life. You'll never know how deep and good you can love until someone gives you a chance to love them

  13. "For God's favour"
    A man who finds a good wife obtains favour from the Lord. Something happens in a man the moment he gets married, doors open up, he mans up, he discovers himself even more, he soars in his purpose. A woman carries inside her huge deposits of favour that her husband needs to withdraw from. Women are nurturing, and as she nurtures, she is in her element, she blossoms, she glows

  14. "For legacy and continuity"
    We all aspire to be great and want to hand over that greatness to the next generation. We marry and have children or adopt and raise those children to be great. That's why parents who never got a chance to go to the best schools, or never got opportunities to excel will work hard to give their children what they lacked. That is why successful parents groom their children to become the successors they pass the baton to. We make sacrifices because we want to make a positive contribution to the world through the child/children we raise

  15. "For social honour"
    It feels good to walk around and say "I am married", "I am mature enough to have maintained a happy marriage", "Meet my wife", "Hello, this is my husband"... It feels good for the name of the family you are co-leader in to shine. It feels good to watch your child/children excel and say to each other "Look what our love has done". When you are governing a successful marriage it gives you more confidence and credibility in public; if you can govern a marriage, certainly you can govern any other social unit, you can govern a nation, a company, a congregation with love

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