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RE: SteemAlive Presents: ProWritersHub (W4) - rewarding a team of dedicated contest writers. 20 Steem (+booming +trail) Weekly

in SteemAlive2 years ago

Interesting contest
This week I am going to put on my best and I pray for God's empowerment


We wish you all the best @emmanu. If you can do one entry today, that would be amazing

 2 years ago 

I will try my possible best to submit one of my entries

We wish you all the best. Also work harder to upgrade to the clubs

A Nobel Laureate Professor Woke Soyinka said; Reading does not kill, but the manic inclination of man that kills.

By this regular steemit exercise, intellectual skills are sharpened, scholarship receives a boost, heralding an informed, cultured, civilized mind.

That is what makes a race great, ensures unhindered progress in all spheres of life and envy of the rest of the global community.

This millage, to a great extent is being vigorously and indirectly pursued by steemit and her stakeholders.

Another eventful week in the annals of steemit community. One unique attribute of steemit, the community and the proactive curators is that through painstaking research, they always dig out great titles that are in tune with the times.

That goes to show that it has the wherewithal to stand out from the crowd, not now, not only tomorrow but an enduring legacy.

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