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Hello friends and welcome to my diary report. I started my day when I woke up at 6:50am in the morning and ran to take my bath because I am supposed to be in church by 7:30am. Today happen to be the training session for the deacon elect in my church (CBC Kabba).

I arrived at the church around 7:50am and I started rearranging the the church and getting everywhere set for the training. I am do this because I am the secretary of the nominating committee in my church.


During the training session

We start the training session with an opening prayer around 8:10am and we had four difference sessions. The first session talked about the History of Baptist Church and doctrine while the second talked about Marriage life of a Deacon and the third was a interaction discussion.


During the training session

The fourth teaching was on prayer, it was an impactful training and teaching sessions for every participants. We round up the training session around 1:30pm.


This is the church bus and the driver that convey the pastor that minister to us back home

I left the church and when straight to the photocopy center to print out some documents and also duplicate them.


This is the photocopy shop where I printed the documents

When I left the photocopy shop, I came back home at 2:10pm and I ate my lunch which was rice


This is the rice I ate

After the rice I rested for some minutes and when it was 4:10pm I I travel with my friend to another neighboring village called Ogidi to see the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) chairman of Ogidi and God really favor us, we not only discussed with the CAN chairman but we also discussed with other members of the CAN association in the village. I came back to Kabba by 5:38pm.

When it was 7:30pm I ate my dinner and now I will iron my cloth for sunday service tomorrow and sleep so that I can regain my strength.

Thank you for reading my diary report.

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