5 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE// MEET A GENIUS( Steve Crown Uche Okolo) BY @desiredlady

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who is a Genius

Is person who is talented or gifted and is good or creative in what he does


Background of Steve Crown

Steve Crown uche Okolo, his from Obi local government area. Benue state, Igede by tribe, is a Nigerian born in Abuja, song writer and a singer who's songs has touched and bless lives, at the age of four he showed interest in music when he was eight years he joined the Anglican Church choir and later join the popular Deacon kids band .



He school in Abuja Nigeria and went to university of Abuja where he graduate with deploma in law.
He also attended Federal Polytechnic, Zamfara State where he studied Office Management and Technology


Before he entered into music, he was into visual arts and painting then he finally put himself into music and passionately move in it without turning back.

As songs writer and singer he has write many songs like, we wait on you, you are Yahweh, you are great, one of his songs that makes him popular is "you are great"this song has bless lives all over and it really hit the gospel industry, he opened an entertainment call lake light with the vision to save the lost souls, lifting lives, and making the world to discover God's greatness



Steve Crown has been a blessing in my life, each time I listen to his songs it always make me to want to know God the more, he sings with passion, all his video are high quality, he believes that what ever you do, should be done well and perfect.

Another interesting thing about Steve Crown, is he is a young man impacting his world.

Thanks for your time


Best regards


Hello @desiredlady Thank you this beautiful review. I know this name as it is a household name, but of a true, I didn't know he is a Nigerian. Better still, he is a lawyer, little wonder he is a performer.

Continue creating good contests in Steemit, I wish you all the best in the contest.

 2 months ago 

Thank you.

 2 months ago 

Steve crown is a genius indeed. One of his songs is my favorite You are Great, everything written about you is great it has blessed my soul beyond measure. All the while I had thought he hails from Jos plateau state, but through this post I have got to know he is from Venue state .Thanks @desiredlady

Wow... I just got to literally know his full name
Steve Uche Ukolo Crown

He's a great Musician I must say...

Success in the contest

 2 months ago 

Wish you same.

 2 months ago 

I so like this minister too, he sings through the spirit and i wish to have more of his songs.

Thanks for sharing

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