The Diary Game Season 3: Visited my favourite local restaurant || Entry by @deklazz

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Hello everyone, am here again to share with us a wonderful experience, i had today, hope you find it really interesting.

Dear diary,

I woke up this morning feelibg really strong and hearty by the grace of God. I said my morning prayer, and read my devotional for today. I quikly had my bath and got ready for the day.

I left the house by 8:30 am, got to the shop,and set for business. I had other engagements today, i wasn't steady at the shop, because there Where places i needed to go and things i needed to do, i didn't get to take breakfast, and this is how it has always been.

I got back to the shop by 2:30pm, by then i was really hungry, my boiys were busy in the shop, so i stepped out to look for what to eat, that was when i visited my favourites local restaurant to eat roasted yam and beans.


the food vendor mixing the yam and the beans

Roasted yam on fire

This is a particularly type of food we dont get to eat in our houses. I really love taking this food ,its my best street food. I really enjoyed the meal, before heading back to the shop, where i stayed for the rest of the day.
By 8pm which is my business closing time, i closed the shop and headed back home.

I got home, had dinner and freshen up, and am about going to bed now.
Thank you for taking your time to read through my post.

Best regards