My Town In Ten Pics - Mgbowo, Awgu, Enugu State - 21th February, 2021

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Number Ten
This is another woman busy at her own shop in Eke mgbowo market

Number Two
This is the Enugu Port Harcourt Express, the road is leading from the northern part of Nigeria to the southern part of the country

Number Three
This is one important Health center we have in Mgbowo community, it is located besides the enugu port Harcourt express

Number Four
This is Bishop suit hotel. It is one of the good relaxation center we have in Mgbowo town

Number Five
That old building was a well known bus stop. People arriving at mgbowo usual stopped here

Number Six
This is a palm plantation, it is found along the express road at Imeama mgbowo, they're owned by different individuals

Number Seven
This is a mini shop where electronics and building materials are being sold. It is located at the Eke Mgbowo market

Number Eight
This is where bicycles are being repaired. it is found at the Eke Mgbowo Market

Number Nine
This is eke mgbowo market, its a daily market. That is a woman at her shop
This is a Catholic Church located along the Enugu portharcout express

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Written by @churchangel


All Images are mine and original

All Images taken deals with the day activities

All the Shot are taken by my smartphone Oukitel c21