Technology in transportation - the ancient and modern forms of it

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Starting with Technology in Transportation, ancient mode of transportation in some areas are still adopted in modern mode of transportation but includes some upgrades.


Meaning of Transportation

In a simple sense, transportation is the place to place movement of people and goods. When people move from an initial position to a new position, it is known as transportation.
Some modes of transportation includes

  • Land
  • Water
  • Air

In ancient times when there was no Technology, people transported through land and water but mostly land. They did this using simple machines.


What are ancient forms of transportation on land?

People moved from one place to another on land in Ancient times using the following means

  1. Trecking: Walking with leg from one place to another.
  2. Beast of burden: Using animals such a mule, Carmel, donkey, horses, for carrying goods from place to place.


What are ancient forms of transportation on Water?

  • They construct platforms with woods (especially bamboo), tieying or bonding it with robes to sail the water from one region to another.

  • They build boats and canoes from woods and use long sticks as paddlers. This is enough to carry few passengers and goods.

  • Ships are constructed with woods and woven heavy robes to Which the fabrics are attached to help the ship sail across with winds rather than engines.

  • Mostly, the force of the ship is manpower. On the lover deck, people paddle the ship and is controlled by the captain.

Technology has really improved and evolved in many areas of transportation. Air as a means of transportation with others have also been added from the previous 2 (land and water) in ancient times and many things being improvised and upgraded on the land and water transportation.

What are modern forms of transportation?

The modern forms of transportation are:

  1. Air: The use of aeroplane, jets, spaceship, rockets, etc to transport people and goods from one place to another through air
  2. Land: All big cities use vehicles and other motors for transportation from one part to another or from city to city.
  3. Water: In this modern era, ships are now made with steel instead of wood. They move with engines for force and motorized cranes for loading and unloading goods instead on ports. Boats and canoes use engines as well.
  4. Pipeline: Crude oil and it's products are transported through pipelines from one town to another.


Which modern transport methods are available in your city?

All the modern forms of transportation are available in my City Uyo. We have Ibom Air, Akwa Sea port, and so many moto parks especially the Akwa Ibom Transport Company (AKTC). They all have good services and you can likewise book a trip online.


How does modern transportation affect the environment?

Modern transportation affect the environment both in a positive and negative ways. In the positiveside, transportation creates ways for both imigration and emigration into new environments. On the negativeside, transportation has done so many bad to us.

  • As more routes are created, animal habitats are destroyed.
  • Smokes from vehicles pollute the environment leaving it the air unsafe to breath.
  • Transportation leaves engineers and scientists with the anxiety to create or invent new forms and vehicles which are mostly compatible with them for easy and fast movement from place to place.
  • In a congested city, traffic will be very difficult making transportation slow.
  • Noise from vehicles also cause noise polluton.


How can modern transportation be improved to become environmental-friendly?

This can be done in two ways.

  1. Government and their agencies: They should contruct larger roads for vehicles. They should provide trees along the road sides to purify the air of unwanted toxins from cars.
    They should repair traffic lights and provide their officers for during times of repairs or other emergencies. Enforcement of governmental polies and punishment of offenders should be encouraged.

  2. Motorists: Motorists should endeavor to use the main roads and avoid shortcuts which can lead to accidents. Motorits should adhear to all traffic rules and regulations.
    Motorists should quickly repair their vehicles so as to avoid accident, noise and air pollution.

Following these precautions, modern transportation is sure to be improved greatly.



Transportation have gone a long way since the introduction of technology. Other forms which are now here for our betterment are also going whiled which we should be very cautious of to avoid pollution and injuries. Now we pay high amounts to move on animals as a means of transportation. Thanks to technology, we can still move about to our different destinations on land, water, air, and rail ways.

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If only our Government will give all states good roads, it will help make movement and transportation easy. Sometimes because of bad road, passengers spend more money traveling from one place to another.

because of bad road, passengers spend more money traveling from one place to another.

This is very true. It's better in this city shaa, although some secondary roads are unkept and not done

 last year 

Quite expository.
You have explained every concept in the simplest form which makes it easier to grasp. I am even glad to meet another person from the Uyo community. It is nice to meet you here.

It's indeed a pleasure
You are welcome dear Ukpono. Maybe you arrange when we meet in person then
How about that?

 last year 

Transportation is very necessary because it occurs daily in a every one's life and if not for technology I don't think transportation would have been easy

I agree with you bro.
But the transportation cost varies from place to place

 last year (edited)

You have done a properly researched work here. What thing that impressed me is that your City Uyo has all the modern means of transportation. That includes air, land and water. That is quite impressive. Thats another reason I would like to visit Uyo soonest.

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Thanks a lot 😊
I'm glad you will soon come and see us down here in the southern path of the country

 last year 

You really need to visit this city.

 last year 

You've said it all dear ranging from the ancient mode of transportation to the modern ones
With the aid of modern transportation, people and goods have gotten to their destinations faster, easier and safely, thank God I wasn't born during those ancient times, I for no fit Waka ooo😁😁

Wertin you for do if to seh Dem born you for that time. At least you for get plenty stories to tell this generation na.

Thanks for supporting my entry with your comment dear

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Anything for u huni😉

I'm here for you

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Transportation is very necessary in our life. I am praying to experience air means of transportation. Thanks for this writeup.

You are welcome ma
When you want to fly, carry me along oh

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Hahahaha. You are a big man on your own.

Abi o. Let me be oo

 last year 

My dear, transportion is really one thing we cannot do without and as far as technology is concerned,there are other means of transportation coming out.

As for your city,it is a very good and developed city as you guys really have good number of transportation methods.

Yes bro. We are waiting for the pipe line means. That will be a great contract of tourism

 last year 

Hahaha,yes bro.


Transportation is very important for human survival. Nice post bro, keep it up 💪

I'm glad you visited

Thanks for your welcome 😁😁

It's a pleasure

Thanks for your welcome 😁😁

Check ✓

Here I truly like your write up expression in relation to water transportation transition . From wooden based construction of both boats , canoes and ships to modern technological destination . In which steel is being used to make both boats , canoes and ships with an introduction of machine and motorized cranes . Here you have done so much .

Thank you very much sa

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