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When I was little, all I knew was we take medicine to get better from our various childish illnesses. Little did I know that medicine or drugs are used not for medication purposes but also to induce sleep, relieve stress, relieve pain, increase or decrease size of a part of the body, get drunk or intoxicated, etc

This are just a few we about drugs. The others we are about to find out.


What is drug abuse?

Drug abuse is the taking of drugs either by swallowing, injecting or through inhaling into the body workout the knowledge or supervision of a qualified medical doctor or personnel.
Many people may think that taking of medicine or drugs overdose is drug abuse. Do you also know that underdose is also drug abuse and dangerous, prolonging the time of the illness and leaving the patient vulnerable for other illnesses?


Ways people abuse drugs?

I have observed many ways people abuse drugs, but, I am going to take only these two examples to share with you.

  • Capsules or tablets are prescribed to be taken with water (warm or luke warm), yet some people take this drugs with sweeteners such as juice, soft drinks, beverages and even alcohol. They do this as a normal thing not to detect the taste of drug while swallowing it not knowing that these drinks react negatively with drugs and can cause other serious damages to their internal organs. To this, keep away!

  • There is what is known as drugging. It has two difinitions
    (a.) to administer drug to someone for a restrictive reason or otherwise
    (b.) to take drugs illegally
    Drug abuse is illegal as long as they are not prescribed. Some men even women do drugging (b). It is termed as a normal thing to them because they are addicted to it.
    I was shocked to the veins when some group of people buy this costly powdered drug and raw ethanol. Mix it together in a glass and place it fire and inhale the smoke from it. Or add excess ethanol and inject it into the blood scream.


Reasons why drug abuse is rampart

The reason why Drug abuse is common includes the following:

  • Peer pressure
  • Moral decadence
  • Ignorance
  • Illiteracy
  • Stress
  • Early exposure to drugs
  • Family history
  • Sexual abuse



Harmful effects of drug abuse

Drugs abuse have many medical, mental, physical and moral effects on the person abusing it. It has the ability to control a person's life as if the person is a toy in drugs hands. These effects are:

  1. Drug abuse causes depression, loss of focus, confusion and brain damage.
  2. Seizures, stroke, lung disease, problems with memory which leads to loss of decision and normal daily living.
  3. Drugs which affect the body (structure) like breast development in men increases temperature leading to other health problems
  4. It causes, peptic ulcer, liver cirrhosis, gastric carcinoma, reckless behavior, isolation, weight loss etc
  5. It causes malfunctioning of the kidney, liver, a person's personality and thoughts of suicide.
  6. Death.


Ways to prevent Drug abuse


  • Adhere to instructions by parents and elders
  • Do not go beyond the doctors prescription
  • Do not let the environment to find yourself make you change your moral habit.
  • Is good to be with friends but do not let making them happy make you take illicit drugs.
  • Take immediate treatment if being affected by drugs and never to take them.


  • Government and its agencies to fish out and ban the use of drugs which can cause the problems above.
  • Enlightenment and youth empowerment programs should be visibly taking place.
  • Credits should the given to people who totally break free from the use of drugs.
  • Not only should the government banned the use of bad drugs, they should also shut down places where traces of drug abuse is still being carried out.

Sometimes I wonder why purposefully some people take drugs, drugs which they know is bad just to feel high esteemed or have altered perception. Or to please friends and family. Whatever the case, such drugs are only introduced to the military to be triggered for wars. Sadly thou, people abuse it. If I or you find yourself in a situation to drug, what will we do? Food4thought.


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Drug abuse is so common now than before. Government need to do something to help people out. Parents should also educate their children in the danger if drug abuse.

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That is a yes from me
Thank you for the remarks

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Not only should the government banned the use of bad drugs, they should also shut down places where traces of drug abuse is still being carried out.

You're absolutely right. But think of it this way, do you think it can be possible or wise for a blind man to blind the eyes of his servant when he himself can't do a single thing without his/her assistance? Same way, government can only make noise, but can't ban such companies because they themselves can't live without those drugs. Too bad!!!!

Yes it is the basic duty of government to ban to such companies and drugs but nothing anyhow we should take action Drugs are also dangerous because they can cause a person to act irrationally or become violent. If you know someone who is abusing drugs, try talking to them about the dangers of drugs and helping them find a healthier way to cope.

Really complicated very very
It depends on what they care first, the people or their ambition

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Yh drug abuse is dangerous. I feel pity for those individuals who are now drug addicts. I just pray this drug abuse of a thing quickly comes to an end.

You are right and the effects of drug abuse are difficult to see at first, but once they become apparent, they can be hard to reverse.


Yes brother

One thing I am sure of is that, it will surely come to its own end and the addicts will eventually leggo

 last year 

Drug abuse is really seen in our society today and it is left for us to choose the ways that will be good for us.

Yes brother the condition of drug abuser is same in every society The drug abuser is not aware of the negative effects that drugs have on their body and they are not able to stop their usage. The drug abuser is someone who is constantly using drugs to cope with their emotions and the problems they are facing in their life.

🥺🥺 poor they

Yes brother when we saw a drug abuser we should help him or try to save his life because they have no feelings about their life but being a human we should help him

But it takes the effort to know, approach, be received and to help such a person

"....choose the ways..."
Yeah, exactly. The way or ways to do good benefiting stuffs


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Many people may think that taking of medicine or drugs overdose is drug abuse.

There are many people who abuse drugs, but not everyone knows that it is a dangerous way to deal with problems. It is easy to get addicted to a drug when you are trying to cope with something difficult, like the death of a loved one

Excessive alcohol drinking comes in here.
I hate to say it but losing a loved one feels like a tear in the flesh

Alcohol consumption is getting common day by day but no one called this habit bad mostly people take it overdose and then they go to out of control drug is not a good habit anymore

The more they drug, the higher their risk of addiction and death

The reason why Drug abuse is common includes the following:
Peer pressure
Moral decadence

That's great the reasons you mentioned above are exactly true and their is also drug abuse is a chronic disease that can lead to many serious health problems, including overdose, overdose death, and addiction. Drug abusers may use drugs to cope with stress or anxiety, escape reality, or feel good.

Sometimes I just sit and ask myself how do these abusers feel good when taking something they know is killing them? 😱

Actually drug abusing is a habit and its also kills the feeling of loss of life a man I saw last days with full injured body he has big wound on his body but he no cares still he was in search of drug

That's really wired. Very strange behaviour
What if he stop, like just stop

 last year 

Yeah bro, taking hard is very, just forget about the benefits or what you will gain at that moment it will affect by one way or the other.
Thanks for this quality contents.
My regards.

Yeah bro, same regards

Nice concepts, drugs overdoes is generally bad and indeed could prolong the patient state of illness . And as such it a drugs abuse on it own formed . As added any act of taken drugs out of proper prescription is drugs abuse. Thank you for sharing.

It's more thanks to you for visiting my blog and supporting with a comment

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