Protect Yourself From Air, Land And Water Pollution

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Every day, the earth get dirty and more harmful to living organisms due to the release of toxic harmful materials or substances to the air, land and water. What can be done to live a safer and healthier live in the midst of unsafe environment. Do you want to know?


What is pollution?

Pollution is the release of toxic harmful substances into the environment. Those substances which cause pollution are called pollutants. These pollutants pollute the air, land and water.

  • Pollutants which pollute the air are called air pollutants. These include smokes from cars, vehicles, factories, burning of coals, etc
  • Pollutants which pollute the land are called land pollutants. These include oil spils, dumpage of non-biogredable materials on the land like iron and plastic, etc
  • Pollutants which pollute the water are called water pollutants. These are, spilled oil, desposing waste material into water bodies, channeling liquid waste into water bodies, etc, which destroy both the aquatic lives and aquatic habitat.


How air, land and water in my city are polluted?

In my City, air, land and water are polluted in many ways. In recent times, air pollution results to pollution on water. How? The release of gaseous smokes from factories, vehicles and burnings which rise to the atmosphere now fall back on earth in form of rain. The rain water is now very dark and this release of toxic smokes also lead to acid rain.

Air pollution in my city: Air is polluted in Uyo all day long. We have factory which burns day and night. Gaseous smokes from cars and cigarettes. When ever there is a celebration, people burn tires on the main streets which is very harmful and toxic. Jungle justice (burning thieves alive) is a great cause of air pollution in my City. Dust from query industries cause air pollution.

Land pollution in my City: Some people in my City throw their garbage and refuse into bushes rather than waste bins. These include non-biogredable materials especially plastics which do not decay into the soil. Another way is in mechanic workshops where engine oil are spilled on the floor destroying the soil, micro organisms and their habitats.

Water pollution in my City: Sewage and other household wastes are thrown into the water or gutters which flows in larger water bodies. Used oils, grease, feces are destructive pollutants that pollute water in my city. Both sewage (liquid waste) and refuse (solid waste) are dumped into the water. Diseases are also generated.


Pollution is dangerous to health

Pollution is very dangerous to health of not only humans, but also that of plants and animals. To our health, air pollution affects the lungs and sometimes catarrh. It also causes irrigation in the nostrils. Land pollution affects the crops in our farm lands leading to total reduction in plant yield and poor economy. Water pollution causes more health challenges. Pollution makes the water unsafe for drinking. Sewage and debris in water polluted the water leading to diseases such as, cholera, Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Escherichia Coli (E. coli), Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Giardia, etc. Mosquitoes breed in such waters and spread maleria.


What I can do to protect myself from different forms of pollution

To protect myself from pollution, I cover my nose with my hand, face masks, kerchief or go away from smokes or dust. I ensure that I drink clean water always by boiling water before drinking, and pour household sewage into the proper drainage system. I try to avoid condemned oil from our generator to pour on the ground by collecting it into a container. I also endeavor that the causes of these pollution are far away from me.


Ways that government can help to fight pollution

Government have so many things to do when it comes to managing pollution.

  • Provisions of waste bins in every looks and cranny where people live
  • Burning refuse in enclosed containers to prevent the exposure of harmful carbons.
  • Government should practice afforestation to recycle the air we breath.
  • Provision of adequate social amenities
  • Making refineries, factories and industries waste combustion efficient.
  • Providing citizens with health care insurance on the diseases mentioned above.
  • Setting laws to protect the water bodies from waste and punishment of offenders. And so on

We have learnt what pollution is, how it affects us negatively and how we can manage it. Those material substances which cause pollution are what we use in our day to day life. Little wonder our ancestors lived longer than us. The atmosphere is suffering from ozone depletion and Global Warning has occured as well.

I look forward to a time when the earth will be cleaned of all it's wastes. Don't you? Thanks for reading through.


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Am so sorry about this problem of pollution in your city as desame thing is applicable here in ABA,the air are been polluted by gaseous smokes from factories which causes harm in our body.

Thank you for joining in this contest.

I really appreciate you @ogwo
We can't actually reduce it again because it is also some people's source on income and livelyhood

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Yes dear,we will do our best.

Of course

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You have clearly stated why it is important to protect ourselves from pollution. Air pollution, land pollution and water pollution.
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Thank you very much for the remarks. I'll like to see you there too

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Pollution is very dangerous especially the air pollution that is the must dangerous type of pollution because it contaminates the air that people breath and making the air hazardous to human health

One can easily relocate to a new era and breath a fresher air. But water is still the same because water flows from one place to another and still gets to where it formally started and the cycle continues.

Thanks for sharing your taughts. I really appreciate it sire

 last year 

What if the person doesn't have money to relocate

Will you let yourself die? He/she must hate himself or ignorant.

 last year (edited)

If only absolutely measures will be taken to protect our environment from pollution.

Provisions of waste bins in every looks and cranny where people live.

This will go a long to reduce land pollution. People will stop littering the environment with dirts.

Yes dear
You really got the entire point I was trying to express clearly

 last year 

I look forward to a time when the earth will be cleaned of all it's wastes. Don't you?

We all look forward to that time dear
A time when the earth will be cleansed of all sort of defilement

Defilement of flesh. I really want to be there even right now


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