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Today I want to review a local business in my City Uyo. It is both an electric and mechanic workshop. The owner of the place repairs and assembles Standing fans of all sizes and also repairs wheels of motorcycles and bicycles.

His place is divided into two places. The place where I am reviewing is the side where he repairs, buys and sell fans. His workshop is located at Akpasak Junction opposite another electronic workshop. See here What3words


In his workshop, the right side is where he keeps unrepaired or malfunctioning fans and their components, while on the right side is where the good repaired ones are. In his wisdom, he buys fans from truck pushers at a very cheap cost, repairs it and sells it at higher prices. He has an apprentice who manages the mechanical part of his workshop. This guy he is talking to.

Somethings he sells

  1. He sells components of a fan like the fan blade, nuts, blade guards, fan stands and other little parts. These parts from 200 naira to over 1000 naira.

  2. He sells complete fans as well. Ones that he have repaired at affordable prices. Like the one he bought from a truck pusher and 700 naira (7steem) and now sells it at a higher price.

  3. He uses his crafted skills and God given wisdom to do repairs and make ends meet. The price is dependent on the type of work he did for you.

  4. Lastly, the unused unusable but off the fun he sells to truck washes or to the recycle. I have done this before. 1kg = 100 naira. Then at the recycle, it is sold for a higher value.




Looking at the man physically, we can say that he is making it from his business. The place where he sited his business is very good. People can easily locate that place by a few directions. It is located close to two junctions (Akpasak and Big junction) leading to a major road (Oron Road) in Uyo. Anybody going out or entering this road must see his workplace.
He makes his customer his friends. This I felt as well. And he speaks the local language of the people, his own language and English. His intonation shows.
The environment is sometimes noisy due to vehicles passing.


Any handwork which a person is skillfully good at is always lucrative. Not minding the space he has, he used it wisely for both electrical and mechanical work. This is a very good business idea. Being nice, others will be endeared to you.
To contact him, he paste his official number in his workplace.


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Wow,what a nice review of this shop,and from your review I can see that he sells or delivers superior quality of goods to his clients.

I will one day try to patronize him.

Those are nice words.
Where do you live

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I live in ABA.


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Nice review,that's really a nice shop where people can buy second hand products at cheaper rate

Please use #prowrit-w3 as your hashtags not #prowrit-w2

Yeah. And also do repairs
This is for the week2 not week3. Thanks for caring

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I sincerely appreciate your continuous support

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You have done a great review of a business in your city.The technician is very versatile he repairs,and also assembles items for sale.I like the fact that he has different sections for repaired and unrepaired items.

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Yes @samuel20. His is a genius in his work.
Thanks for the remarks

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Nice review @chimeroselam I believe it a nice place where you work your or buy some second hand things at a cheaper rate.
my regards.

Yeah. Business keeps booming

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It better be

Okay o

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It's a pleasure

 last year 

This a nice busines review. The man is into a good business. He is also healthy to show that his business is moving. I appreciate your participation @chimeroselam

I am grateful ma. We keep moving nonstop

The business is awesome bro. Rendering of services really matters alot when it comes to business.

Especially in a friendly way

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