Family inheritance - How to handle it and protect future generations

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Once again, I bring you greetings from my heart friends.
Many things happen to us, which cause us pain, sorry, anxiety, anger, and other things including I'll feelings against each other. One of those things may be INHERITANCE.

What is Inheritance?

An inheritance is a property from a deceased person to his offspring. It can also be the genes and characters Goten by an offspring from his/her parent. To bring it home, inheritance is that property or family belonging that the father shares to his child or children.
An inheritance could be a House, Land, Car, Device, Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, etc. It is usually legal

How family property is shared in my hometown

In my hometown, family property is something of very high value and much worth is added to it.
Here, the father of the house (the father) will have to grow old and knows his limitations very well as an old man. He will now call a family meeting where all the members of the family will be present at the venue. He will say his limitations and intentions appealing with his Son's not to struggle with the part of the property which he has given to them.
Family property is only given to the daughter's when they are the only children (no son) which the man have. The father shares it either equally or in a decreasing order (from the first to the last born) physically by showing it to them or making a document (a will) for it.

Challenges I have seen when parents (especially the father) is no longer there

The challenge that I witnessed after a father have successfully shared his property before he kicked the bucket is that the eldest son have to call another family meeting and say that he is the first born and should get greater portion of his father's property. When the other sons disagrees, there is now a struggle, fights, even killings.
This is something rampart which should be clearly avoided.

Steps parents should take when they are still alive to prevent fights when they are gone

To prevent such fights from occuring, parents should do the following:

  • Parents should train their children on the importance of unity and peace in the family by showing it themselves.

  • Parents should make arrangements for their will to be written from when they are severly ill or at their 60s.

  • Love should be between the parents and their children so it would be easier for them to obey their parents and prevent fights.

  • Parents should be descicive and share heritance equally to avoid envy, greed and other arising conflicts.

  • They should make the inheritance legally bounded with documents so that even outsiders or the government cannot easily come in and distrupt peace.

  • Everyone who has a share should be a responsible person. This is to be done by the father of the house before he is no more.


How people in my hometown respect father's will

I don't really know how people in my hometown respect father's will because I didn't grow up there, but what I know is that they receive it with happiness and now develop it to what will fit them and their families. Some others too sell it and use the money for their own personal benefit.

On this matter, my family have not discussed anything like inheritance. To cut the long story short, i have not heard anything like that.

A personal experience regarding sharing of family inheritance

The personal experience I have was a problem which occured after many years which the father died. The sons lived together with no problem untill they got married. The father shared Land, House and Farmland among the two sons.
When it was now planting season, the eldest son uprooted both plants and fruit trees instead of replanting it, he threw them away which made the other son very angry. It got to the point that they started fighting that the elders of the community, cabinet members have to discuss the issues before it was settled.

Boundry position was actually the problem and the eldest couldn't wait for him to transplant.

Children and parents especially the father have a real deal to play when it comes to sharing of inheritance amongst them. Love, peace and unity will help conquer any conflicts. Both the lawyer handling the will and the person receiving should remove greed and envy from their hearts.
Finally, parents should recognize their limitations and share before tragedy strikes to responsible individuals who can handle it.


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Family inheritance and sharing of father's properties are things which should be discussed in the family.

But sadly, people go to outsiders or irrelevant persons for advice

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I appreciate this sentence, both the lawyer and those receiving family inheritance should remove greed.
Greed is the main Challenge that causes fight over family Inheritance
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I agree with you
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Inheritance is one serious thing father of the house should try his best to handle, to avoid conflicts among his child and or children's . As you get added greed and envy is never a good virtues.

But if I may ask, do you have any ? 😱

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