The Dairygame Season 3 unending// How I spent my day and in powering up #club70, @caleb-marvel. payout 20% to steemalive community.

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My dear dairygame,
Hi, how are you all doing today and how was your night?
Am pretty good and it's my pleasure to share with your how my day went and in this post I will still tell you the most important and special things that happened during my day and at the end, I will tell you how I hit the target of 798.414 steem power with 92.625 liquid steem. #club70 due to the result of not powering all my earnings.

My Morning section

I woke up in the morning by 6:20am and I made my Prayers and then I checked on my #steemit account and created some post.
After that I took my little goat called BROII and we when out for shopping 😳🤣🤣.
As he was showing at the back of our house, there is one place that I normally set together with a woman and her babe that is selling Akamu.
When I got there, the baby was dancing to the Reggae music that I was playing sang by culture Mr music.

The lyrics of the son
Ooh what beautiful think is in playing for the children listen to the birds, oh how much i enjoyed that.
Hey hey hey hey mr.
Music hey hey hey hey mr music if i may you′re hey hey hey hey mr music hey hey hey hey mr.
Music, i feel like play to all and feel like play sometimes i like play for the children sometimes i feel like for the blind man too.
Sometimes i feel like for the prisonels.

Lyrics source

As the babe was dance the song, I now when home to bring my guitar and so that I can play him some reggae jams according to that lyrics of the music.
When I came out with my guitar and my phone stand on the street, people where just look at my as I mount the camera and started singing for the little boy and for everybody that passes by.
It was very interesting and I was very happy as I went back home.
When I got home, I did some work at home before I got a call from my elder Brother @baonsquares now called me to come over to his house to guide him in writing his Achievements2 task.

Afternoon/Evening section.

When I got to his house, after resting a little he now started writing his Achievements2 task.
After writing he was about to post it when I discovered that the person that delegated steem power to him, has taking it away. Because he has register the account for long but have not posted any due to some reason, so I now decided to send him 1SBD so that he can use it to power-up and run his task. Because in the task you will show them how to power-up and do some other this in your wallet, so he needed it.Please note this ooh, I didn't sale my 1SBD to him oo, it help assistant I gave to him oo, just to run his task🤣🤣🤣.

By 6:00pm I now went to the fuel ⛽ station to buy some.

When I got home, I now on the genator as we created some beats and did some freestyling.

And after the music section, I now decided to power-up with 92.625 liquid steem I gat from my earnings just to get to 798.414 steem-power


Am always glad anytime I power up, because we all know that powering up by is one of the best way to grow you account.
Was not able to power up all my earnings for the period of 1 week due to so issue as noted above.

Thanks for checking on my #blog, I really appreciate you all.


 2 months ago 

so I now decided to send him 1SBD so that he can use it to power-up and run his task

This is a selfless act I love so much. Wow... you made me proud

 2 months ago 

Thanks my dear, steemit is a free world 🌍🌍 and I see no reason why we will not show love to one another.
Thanks once more, I really appreciate you ma

 2 months ago 

You’re welcome

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