Asaba city road show Day 1 it was blossom// 16|09|2021 by by @caleb-marvel.// Benificiary 15% to SteemAlive.

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Good day to my dearly beloved brethren, how are you all doing today? I hope you are all fine and enjoying you night rest.


Hello my dear dairygame and my fellow steemains, welcome to my blog.
This post is all about the first and blossom road show today in Asaba and also my Dear dairygame.
Am really happy because I participated in the road show and may I say this, road show in my own definition is a means of advertising and creating awareness about a product or services definition by @caleb-marvel.
And in Steemit, road show is the act of creating awareness to persons of verious capacity and status to the great world of @steemit, that you will come to write and not only just to write, it must be a quality post and after that, you will earn you cool cast.

The details in full

I woke up this morning and did all the nesesary this that I need to do at home, I now called our city Co-ordinator @pricelesspresh to confirm the time for our road show today, after that I took my bath and I went straight to my big sister's @optimistickome house at the back of dangote office and when I got there we now went together to my elder brothers house @baonquares to call him so that we can go together to the venue were we will all converge before we start going out for the road show.
When we got to his house he was still preparing so we waited for him and after his preparation we now set for the venue with is coka junction in Asaba.

When we got there, I now called @basky14 to know if he is close to to Location, so he told me that in few minutes from now that he will be joining us.
And when he came we now set for Federal college were we did the road show for today.

When we got the federal college, we now started to talk to person's we saw around, the first individual we spoke to now started telling us how he lost some money in some other platforms, so @pricelesspresh now told him that steemit is not like that, that steemit is a platform were you write, post and get paid.
So with time he now started complying before I now left them to get to get pen so that we can be able to write somethings as we registered them. When I got to the shop where I but the pen as I was standing, I now saw some girls look at by the side of the shop looking at me because of the way I dressed. After buying the pen I now approach them with a smile on my face and greeted them as I share the fliers to them and I started talking to them about steemit and it's benefit's.

After some time two of them now left, remaining a woman and a girl, I didn't fill discouraged I continued and at the end the girl gave me a positive response so I registered he and she became so very happy and she told me that the time that she spend in other platforms that will not veiled her any positive results that she is going to put it on steemit so the she will start earning from it.
So I even told her about the @steemalive community where she can make Lid report as time goes on and dairygame post also, so she was very happy as I left her in the happy mode.

When I left her and joined my fellow in the movement, I now saw an old friend of mine, as she was come I now went to her front and neat down because her, immediately she now started blushing 😂😂 and it now drew the attention of the students to were we are as I brought of the fliers from my pocket and have it to her, so I ask her this question.. Will you join steemit ❓

Always at your service

So she became very surprised and without any hesitation she say yes and we took her number because she is going to the exam hall, and I promised to check on her later after the exam.
My dear steemains, today was a day of fun to me as I tell people about steemit and it's benefit's.

As time goes on we now went to Pepe rice to where we ate some food and relax for the day.

The bone cracker

On our was back, I now decided to check on some of my friends in where they are selling phone assessories and I talked to them about steemit and they were very happy and I registered one of them and the other girls now pleaded with me to check on them another day because of some reason, so I left them and went back home.

Old time friend

When I got home, I now hurry to go and buy fuel and something to eat tonight before I started writing this post.

Thanks one more for checking on my updates this evening, I really Love you all @steemalive community and @steemit at large.

And to you all.....

Jah bless Jah guide and Jah Loves 🌹🌹🌹


Thanks bro for coming around. Your presence was boom I love your agility keep it up.

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Holla boss,
Thanks very much for checking on my blog, I really appreciate your effort also, for coming all the way from your locality.. 🥳🥳🥳

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Wow, the roadshow was a very impressive one, and I can see that the results were very rewarding.
Thanks for sharing and keep sharing quality content with us

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Thanks my very much for checking on my blog, Jah bless..

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It's my pleasure.


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