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In what ways did people communicate before the invention of telephone?

In the 1950's there were no cellphones, no email address, no social media platforms for communications, so it wasn't too easy to communicate with families that were living far from home but there were still some form of communication tho it was very slow.

There were things like

Postal service;

Years before cellphones, information were sent with letter writing through the postal services and it will take weeks sometimes months before the information will get to our loved ones.


Before the era of cellphones information were sent through mails, the sender will pay a certain amount of money to the mail holder and pass the message and the owner of the mail will send it out and it will take days to get to the receiver.


In some country they had some people called messengers, they travel with thier horses miles away from home just to help people send messages to thier loved ones.

And so many other ways.

How has mobile phones enhanced communication?

Firstly without the help of mobile phones I won't be a steemian and no one will have a Facebook page or watspp page, cell phone made all this possible.

In just some seconds we can communicate with anyone that is located in any part of the country.
Technology has even made it easy to the extent that you don't just hear voices you can see the person through a video conference call.

What type of mobile phone do you use (include picture of your phone)?

Tecno spark 7p

I use Tecno spark 7p, and the phone is just 16month old.


What are its features and its estimated value in Steem?

Tecno spark 7p is a 4gb Ram 64gb ROM network smart phone.

Tecno spark7p is sold for Eighty one thousand Naira which is equivalent to 733 steems base on coingeko price of steem at the moment.

If you have the chance to upgrade, what type of mobile phone will you choose?

Honestly am a phone frick, right now if I have my way financially I will like to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy A53 with is sold for two hundred and forty-two thousand Naira which is equivalent to 2286steem.
I like Samsung Galaxy A53 with passion because of the space, and the camera quality.

What negative things do people do with mobile phones?

  • People do so many negative things with phones.
    Most of the extortioners make away with peoples wealth through cell phones.

  • Some informations that should be kept secret fly everywhere with the help of cellphones.
    For instance if two people are fighting to death instead of looking for a way to bring peace people will be busy doing video and make post on Facebook and other social media platforms.

  • Immoral life is rampant today because of some immoral videos that people watch on thier phones when they are alone and they also send it to thier friends.

  • Crime and violence increase today because of what people see as movie in thier cell phones.


Conclusively we say a very big thank you to science and technology because it has brought us so far and for good. We also say a big thank you to W. Rae Young American inventor, Eric Tigerstedt, Martin Cooper the American engineer who collectively invented cell phones,
Life is easier and things are done faster because of the invention of cell phones.

 2 months ago 

Phone has really improved communication and through it two persons can now see themselves even without meeting.
Your phone is really smart if I may say

 2 months ago 

Thank you, I need a better phone, thanks

 2 months ago 

Who no like better thing, that is why I always poverty and his generation should perish. I imagine how many months it will take to get 2286 steem to buy samsung galaxy.

When you upgrade, do not forget to take a selfie with me

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 2 months ago 

Poverty will dieooooo lol, is just plans you can even buy the one higher than it.

 2 months ago 

Is in y budget now since i have seen the easiest way to get it. From now till January, God's willing i will have 2,000 steem for good phone to steem high.

 2 months ago 


Crime and violence increase today because of what people see as movie in thier cell phones.

Hmmm my sister. This is true. Things people watch through phone this days is alarming. That your dream phone make sense. Buy one for me too. Hahahaha.

 2 months ago 

Ohh, this reminds me of the time our fathers married our mothers. They usually communicate with what they call telegram then. Ohh, thank God they didn't give birth to me then.

 2 months ago 

Before our fathers got married to our mothers they usually write a love letter to tell them how much they love but today that doesn't exist, you can just use your phone and send a message direct to there phones

 2 months ago 

Those love letters where very important, they use to keep it very safe

The phone has really helped our communication.

I will like to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy A53 with is sold for two hundred and forty-two thousand Naira which is equivalent to 2286steem.

I was shocked on seeing this.
Hopefully, you'll get it someday.

I really thank God for the invention of phones, it has helped us alot. Without phones, most of us will not be present here on steemit.

 2 months ago 

People with money ehhh, but your phone is worth the price,it is of good quality and the storage is maximum

Mobile phones make life fun, easier and enhances effective communication

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