All4one My bucket list - 5 things I want to achieve before kicking the bucket

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Good evening everyone welcome to my page,
I have somethings I would have loved to achieve before I kick the bucket 🪣 but it won't be by my power rather by Jehovah's grace, so let's see some of those things.

5 things I want to achieve before I die and why each of them are important.

1) Building a hotel.

Yes I want to build a hotel of my own before I die because it is a form investment that never fades out, even when the hotel is not functioning properly I can use the building for another business purposes or even sell the property and invest the money in another ongoing project.

At what age do I want to build a hotel.

I wanted to have this investment done at the age of 40 because I wish to retire at 45 and enjoy my wealth.

Why ist challenging right now?

It is sooo challenging because the scenes of the world keeps changing, businesses keep turning upside down and money keeps running away.
More to that I had a plan of being self employed at the age of 30 but right now am 37 and I want to achieve this at 40 hmmmmm is going to be a hug miracle because right now am still a salary earner so the challenge is obvious.

2) I want to build a 4bedroom bungalow for my parent

Yes I want to build a bungalow for my parent because they deserve the best from me, they suffered a lot to train me and I need to make them happy and am certain that they will be very happy to have a good and comfortable apartment from me before they die.
More to that currently we don't have a comfortable apartment so that's more reason why I want to build a house for them before they kick the bucket 🪣 or I die.

3) I want to sink a borehole for my parents.

Yes like I said earlier my parents deserve the best, currently to get water in my village is a bit stressful so I want to sink a borehole for my parents.
Moreover if they have such investment they will be making money on daily basis from it and this will assist them in some little financial problem.

4) I wanted to have 3 children.

You can see I say wanted because right now I don't even know if I can have one because of circumstances.
I thought at the age of 30 or latest 35 am done with having children it will just be the stress of bringing them up but sadly I couldn't even get married at 30 so I couldn't meet up with that goal.

The challenge now is that some health issues are coming up as a result of old age hahahahah and this makes it difficult to have the 3 children I dreamed about.
But with Jehovah's help I will achieve the goal of having a child even if they are not upto 3.

5) I want to retire at 45.

Chia this dream is a hug one because I don't know how it's going to come true, because I need to lay all the needed foundation to achieve this dream.

At what age did I wanted to achieve all my goals

I wanted to all the above goals before the age of 43 so as to have some time to enjoy in my life but funny enough am 37 now so I have only 6years to go let's see how it goes.

Why is achieving the above goals so challenging right now

The first challenge now is that am still a salary earner with huge responsibility that takes away the salary even before it arrives.
I need to be self employed first and have a good business and savings to achieve all the above goals.


6years from now I will write about which of the goals I have been able to achieve and the ones I couldn't meet up with.
I pray Jehovah will help me to achieve some of my goals before I die.

 2 months ago (edited)

We all have goals that we want to achieve at a certain age, some we do, some we don't due to so many factors but in all we should be focused and not allow anything discourage us. One day at a time is the key...

It is good to have dreams and follow it meant well for yourself and your parents. You should not despair God's time is the best

 2 months ago 

Jehovah will help you achieve your bucket list number 3
After all, it's his will that man fills the earth, don't panic, God's time is the best
He has his own plans for you, it's never too late

It's a good thing a dream big and also archive those dreams, I believe and I know that with time you will archive them and the health challenge will be a thing of the past by God grace.

It only takes prayers and hardwork in achieving our various goals.
Nice post ma, keep it up please 🤝

 2 months ago 

May Jehovah Grant you your heart desires by giving a child. At least 1. Keep waiting on him, his time is always the best.

 2 months ago 

you have a lot of things you are praying for, may God grant all you heart desires and make you a happy human being.
My regards.


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 2 months ago 

Thank you, I have commented and upvoted them all

Thats so kind of you, thank you so much.

 2 months ago (edited)

With God all things are possible. You may have more than 3 children. The dream of building bungalow for your parents is achievable. A dsy can change one story, just good connection and good opportunity.

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I believe in you and I say amen to your wishes. Don't worry, age is just but a number ok. God still does wonderous and marvelous things you know.

Wow nice thoughts building a hotel is a very good investment because looking at things this investment can not be banned because people travel to many places and is this hotel that help them to be in a place where they can lay their heads

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Dear we should keep struggling to achieve our dream I wish you best of luck and one day you will must build a 4bedroom bungalow for your parent

 2 months ago 

I must say your goals are valid. It might just take a little time to achieve. I believe with God everything is possible.
One-day your dream of building a house for your parents will come to pass.
Just believe and work harder.

 2 months ago 

I want to build a hotel of my own before I die

Hotel business seems to be very lucrative, especially if you live in a proper city. Even in Aba here, its thriving. I believe its part of real estate investment and real estate is good. I wish you all the best in this dream. I will be getting my application letter ready because I will be your manager. What do you say @beautybb

" I wanted to all the above goals before the age of 43 so as to have some time to enjoy in my life but funny enough am 37 now so I have only 6years to go let's see how it goes.

Smiles, there's nothing wrong at achieving goals at 100 sef.
You just have to relax your mind cus you have more years to live


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Reality is that no dream is impossible , once you did dreamt and clearly envisage them . Though there might be some storm , but instead get affirm scripturally . As it settled , that whatever you think in your heart shall get to be for you . Do settle on that as well . Good dream nothing too much .

 2 months ago 

In your bucket list I can see that you are focused on making your parents proud and I pray that God will grant you your heart desires

 2 months ago 

I really want to make them proud honestly and I pray that God grant me the opportunity

Maybe all that you are playing comes through and sometime we plan and God also plans for us and may you achieved everything and thank you for sharing with us and I wish you all the best in this contest.

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