Asaba Steem Road Show Day 1 Was a Boom 💥|| Check out how it went.

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Hello Guys hope you all are good? Welcome to my blog I will be sharing with you guys a wonderful and successful first day awareness over here in Asaba Delta State Nigeria. The awareness is under the Steem Road show organized by steemalive Community.


This the first of it kind in Asaba Delta State Nigeria I thank God it went successful. In our previous meeting we chose today been Thursday for our first Road show. I had to travel down from Imo State to Asaba for the road show.

With the presence of @caleb-marvel, @optimisticokme, @pricelesspresh and the awearness was successful.The five of us set out for the awareness by 11am we hired tricycle from our meeting point at koka to the location we had the road show we took some pictures on arriving at the venue.



Immediately we reach the venue we saw a group of people where they gathered so we approach them and I talked to some people while other of my colleagues talked to the other people. Luckily Barnabas was really impressed hearing about Steemit, he was like saying today was his first time of hearing about Steemit but the challenge was that he was not with his Android phone and he was rushing for an exam then we exchange contacts he promised to register when he is with his phone then I will lecture him online through WhatsApp.


I also took some pictures when @pricelesspresh was talking to some investors, I also met a guy I talked to him about Steemit he was amazed hearing about Steemit so I registered him there his username is @jaycash. He will be dropping his achievement1 tomorrow.


Refreshment After Road Show

After some hours of walking under the sun trust me we really need rest so we went to Anwai Pepper Rice to eat and relax. Anwai Pepper Rice is fast-food in Asaba it is located in the heart of Asaba. So on our way to the restaurant we saw @pricelesspresh Dady and he carried us in his car to the restaurant. We discussed about many things concerning the road show where and when we will have our next road show. I also helped @optimisticokome in some areas she is having challenges.


Gallery Of the Steem Road Show







Creating such awareness through this steem Road show helps people to know more about Steemit which is a very good Idea. I plead with my fellow promoters not to relent and keep faith in promoting Steemit in Nigeria. Want to use this medium to appreciate all Asaba Steemians who came out for the road.

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Thanks all for going through my post♥️❤️♥️❤️❤️♥️🌹🥀🌷.

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Seems like the roadshow was definitely a great success, it looks really interesting and I am glad you all went, anyways your day was quite great.
Thanks for sharing and keep sharing quality content with us

Indeed it was a great success thanks for visiting

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It's my pleasure.

You really had a good day... Congratulations

You guys really deed good. You mean you travelled all the way from Owerri to Asaba? What a self sacrificing spirit for Steemit promoting. Weldon @basky14

Wow this is great thanks for the wanderful work.

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Roadshow all the way.
You did a great job and thanks to @pricelesspresh daddy for the ride.

Thank you ma I appreciate

You are welcome back from your Asaba STEEMALIVE Road Show @basky14! The outing is very interesting, your motivation to the other members is well noted and commendable. Do not wait for a long time to pass before you stage your second outing so that the interest you generated in your first day will not cool off. Keep it up.
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Thanks sir I will definitely do so


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Thanks @steemalive will keep up putting my best for the betterment of this great Community.