My diary game(02-10-2021)-Its a wedding day things.

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Hello my beautiful steemian,i hope you all are doing well my greating to you all,take your time in reading my diary game of yesterday(02-10-2021).


Waking up in the morning i really feel good and grateful for God in making its possible for me to sleep soundly and wake up peacefully,after saying my prayer and consider our daily text for the day,then i got to brush and tidy up for the day.

Waking up today being the day my friend and brother is getting marriage to his love of his life.

A brief introduction about him,iyke mba is one of our far back christian brother and friend those day before he travel to Dubai,so after staying for not less than 4yrs he decided to come back and marry.

Just as the bible says "a man will live his father and mother and find his own rib",that how we move to witness his wedding and do a little bit of entertainment(very important).

So as early as 8am am already on my way out to shop to work small and catch up a little before going to the wedding,but as one of the committee of the wedding and also among the men in suit group,i didn't spending much time in the shop before calls start coming so i have to live my work as 11am and move to the venue to help out something's in the place.

(Me in my uniform cloth)


Reaching there,i found a whole lot of crowd both known and unknown face and my longtime friends too,surely wedding its always a happy ceremony in our land that is why there is a popular saying that "you will never find an angry face in wedding ceremony" but i said not for those that food didn't reach there hands.

so after the wedding talk which take about 1hr 30mins,the wedding discussion and the joining of both families and the husband and wife as one came to an end,now its time for the recreations and merriment too.

both the wedding discussion and the reception is at the same venue which is Yekohama is Azikikwe by east opposite sir @focusnow office,and yet i remember i branch at the office to great him in person and found out that they were organizing the next road work in promoting STEEM,and i got see many people like @osolife,@samaul20,@jokkystar,@ninapenda and so many others i don't know there name but due to time i couldn't stay for proper introduction,its was nice seeing them.

so after the brief introduction by the chairman with an opening prayer the occasion begin,first of all they called the bribe parent in to welcome them and then follow the other important people too.

after the dance part both the grooms men and the bride's ladies (Asebi),then the real champions for the occasion was introduce which is the husband and wife,they really dance well but the wife is much better dancer than the husband,she was toping him with 90%.

Surely the wedding goes successfully as plan,so after the small talk by the mc and other activities carried by the host,we all eat and drink and call its a day.
Here are some of the picture we take




with heart full of happiness we wish them HAPPY MARRIED LIFE
yet before i forget they will be travelling back very soon,no wonder the wife was crying because she will miss her family though its was funny but i feel for her but i know she will be good with time.


Immediately its 6:30pm we begin to go home after setting and making sure that everything is good and well arrange back to its original form then we went home.

So getting home i enjoy small with my friend who is among the men in suit too before sleep come.
(night food and drink)

so that how the day come to an end.
Thanks for reading!


Amazing day, wedding day is really a lovely and memorable day for everyone. You the dressing is looking awesome.

Thank you for the compliment sir

You are welcome dear.

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Thank you for your support,i really appreciate
Will keep following @steemitblog.

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Its not easy to find "a missing rib" but your friend did. And I buy the idea that" you will never find an angry face in wedding ceremony" but i said not for those that food didn't reach there hands. Yes If am not served I definitely i'll be sad. Nice write up and alway use Capital letter in starting of a name. Keep it up

 2 months ago 

You really enjoyed your day, why didn't you invite me , I'm angry about it. But your still my man

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