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6 am

woke up sore, swollen arms. I was called to school to submit my letters again. I ate rice and stew, got dressed and left. I met Gossy on the way and we chartered keke to school.
on transit

10 am

Offices were locked, I stood around, waiting for the offices to be opened, until I was informed the non-academic staff were on strike. I left there to go make the necessary phone calls. I got instructions to go to the cyber cafe and print a new letter.
in school

10.30 am

In the cyber cafe, I typed my step down letter again, luckily a friend had a picture. I used it to make an exact copy. When we tried to print the printer was clogged and we had to outsource. Meanwhile Stanley my class representative was waiting patiently for me. I met with him, bought him a can of water for his patience, and submitted the letter.
at the cafe


I waited for my friends and we all went to bank together. We spent a lot of time arguing and talking. we got to the bank and those who wanted cash withdrew. The rest of us sat and waited.
mes ami

4 pm

I went home, Maureen came over and spent the next two hours in my room. she used my data for a zoom class during that period. i walked her home.

7 pm

I was in tomiwa's room. we talked about my decision to step down. She gave her honest opinion, and Iwe talked for some time.

9 pm

I finally finished my story, The Next Alpha and posted it on world of xpilar. I'm tired. no books tonight. time to sleep

goodnight steemit

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